People Are Sharing Their "I Will Die On This Hill" Fast-Food Opinions, And They Actually Make Some Very Good Points

As someone who grew up in the days of McDonald's PlayPlaces and Wendy's sunrooms, I've developed many fast-food opinions over the years. For example, Burger King Shake 'Em Up Fries were top-tier and should be brought back immediately. So when redditor u/eF240uKX52hp asked the r/AskReddit community to share their "I will die on this hill" fast-food opinions, I was ready to dive right in. Here are some of the best and most controversial takes.

1."Old-school Pizza Hut from when I was a kid in the '80s and '90s remains just about the happiest restaurant experience I've had in my entire life, and no amount of $150 foie gras or duck breast with balsamic reduction has or will ever change that."

Customers dining under pizza-themed lights in a cozy restaurant with checkered tablecloths and wood-paneled booths

2."McDonald's fries must be eaten within five minutes of purchase, or else they transform into sticks of despair."


"You need to eat the fries while hot and the fountain Coke while cold. It's an elite experience. After a couple of minutes, just throw them both out."


3."Yellow Wendy's was better in all respects."

Two people are eating at a Wendy's fast food restaurant, with trays of fries, drinks, and burgers in front of them

4."It should be cheap. When it starts to cost as much as higher-quality regular restaurants, it's just not worth it."


5."McDonald's peaked in the late '80s and early '90s: fries in beef tallow, fried apple pies, McDonaldland Cookies, sundaes with peanuts, the Big Extra — so many defining menu items."

McDonald's meal featuring a sesame seed hamburger, fries in a red container, apple pie, and a soft drink cup

6."KFC should sell just chicken skin with the herbs and spices coating."


7."Taco Bell does not cause diarrhea unless you are eating way too much in one sitting."

A cross-section of a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, showing layers of seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and a crunchy tostada shell inside a folded tortilla

8."Bring back breakfast all day at McDonald's. Sometimes, I just crave a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit."


9."Arby's potato cakes deserve to be revived. Those things were so good, and I miss them. I also feel like Arby's as a whole is low-key slept on, and they're actually not as bad as people say they are."

Arby's food tray with two mozzarella sticks in a branded container and several onion rings beside it. The setting appears festive with blurred lights

10."A fresh Whopper made correctly is a top-tier fast-food burger. It might be my favorite. The problem is inconsistency."


"Burger King is basically the fast food version of Russian Roulette. If it's done well, it's the best there is. But if it's not, it's completely inedible without a lot of ketchup."


11."McDonald's fucked up when they discontinued the Snack Wraps."

A hand holds a chicken snack wrap with lettuce, cheese, and grilled chicken. Text overlay reads, "Chicken Snack Wrap $1.79 Now Grilled."

12."Five Guys costs about four times what it's actually worth."


13."The Beef Meximelt from Taco Bell was the best fast-food item ever created. They need to bring the Meximelt back. Now."

Two Taco Bell soft tacos with beef, cheese, and vegetables beside a Taco Bell drink are advertised for 99 cents plus tax. Prices may vary

14."Sweet and Sour is the best McNuggets sauce, and the best McNugget shape is the boot."


15."Dipping fries into ketchup is the best way to do it. Pouring ketchup onto fries is an abomination."

Close-up of a French fry dipped in ketchup, held in front of a pile of fries on a white paper

16."Popeyes is better than KFC when it comes to chicken."


"Popeyes is by and far the best fried chicken chain in its weight class. It's a total mystery to me how, and there should probably be a documentary about what's going on there. The employees often have very little patience and are borderline rude, but damn, they consistently deliver on the quality."


17."The McRib is nice and all, but I would give anything for them to bring back the McPizza from the late '80s/early '90s."

A slice of pizza being lifted, with text displaying "or 2 for $10." Available at participating McDonald's is noted below

18."The chicken nuggets at McDonald's were way tastier before they converted to all-white meat."


19."Quiznos was better than Subway."

Two characters, one wearing a top hat and another in a tricorn hat with a guitar, appear in front of a Quiznos Sub restaurant

20."The Filet-O-Fish is actually pretty good. It might just be the best sandwich at McDonald's."


"Filet-O-Fish is my favorite McDonald's sandwich, hands down. My wife has literally told me she has never met or known anyone other than me who eats them. I told her that people are liars and closeted Filet-O-Fish lovers because, for some reason, getting the fish sandwich at McDonald's is taboo."


21."In-N-Out fries are the worst fast-food fries I've ever eaten. And yes, I tried Animal Style; they were still terrible."

A tray from In-N-Out Burger with Animal Style fries topped with cheese, grilled onions, and sauce, alongside a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, and a soda cup
Tom_young67 / Getty Images

22."Jack in the Box is severely underrated. Breakfast all day, tacos, the Munchie Meals, and a teriyaki bowl?! You can't find that variety anywhere else."


23."Waffle House is legitimately good, and not just when you're drunk at 3 a.m. The All-Star Breakfast in the morning is fire as hell. The Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt is great for lunch or dinner, especially with the hashbrowns. The fact that they're always open, even on holidays, just makes it better. Love that place and hope they never go away."

Waffle House restaurant exterior with bold signage in foreground and building in background
Jetcityimage / Getty Images

24."Del Taco is superior to Taco Bell in every way."


"Had Del Taco one time in Vegas five years ago. Still chasing that taste. It was amazing."


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