Dad Pants Are the Trending Trouser for Dressing Up or Down—Here's How to Style Them

Dare I say it...all my mom jeans might be going in storage in favor of this comfier version.

<p>Alexandr Dubynin/Getty Images</p>

Alexandr Dubynin/Getty Images

One of this summer's biggest fashion trends has an unexpected source of inspiration—your dad (?). "Dad pants" are loose-fitting and on the baggier side but are anything but your typical sweatpants, even though they may be just about as comfortable. Not only that, but they're super flattering on a variety of body types with a high, fitted waist and a loose fit through the leg.

We spoke to a style expert to find out more about the must-try dad pants trend to learn everything.

What Are Dad Pants?

Dad pants are “reminiscent of the practical, no-fuss pants our dads might have worn in the '90s,” says style influencer Olivia Susskind. These pants are typically suit-like tailored pants with an oversized fit with a high waist but they can also hit lower. The overall look is cool and comfy with a classic style that can be worn just about anywhere at any time.

How to Style Dad Pants

Dad pants are pretty versatile, which is what appeals to so many people. “There are endless ways to style them and there’s really no wrong answer,” says Susskind. “Given the typically loose leg, I would emphasize balancing their relaxed fit with more structured pieces. With that said, we know oversized is very in right now, so don’t be afraid to have a loose-fitting t-shirt tucked in, with a belt to snatch your waist.”

“If you want a more refined look, a tight black long sleeve, a belt, and even a leather blazer if you really mean business,” says Susskind. “Alternatively, that same tight long-sleeve or tank top can be dressed down with a jean jacket and baseball cap with your classic dad pants.”

Susskind adds that her preferred way is “the art of not overthinking it” and suggests wearing your “favorite plain tank top, t-shirt or long sleeve, a sneaker, maybe an unexpected bag, and head out the door.”

Whatever way you do it, have fun making it your own.

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