Crew reveal the worst passengers on a plane

Sarah Carty

While it's always assumed that flight attendants have one of the best jobs in the world, this thread may make you rethink that.

A bunch of cabin crew have revealed the realities of the job in a Reddit forum, which unveils exactly what it's like dealing with troublesome passengers.

From passengers exploding into drunk rages to cutting their toenails on the aisles, and others harassing the flight attendants, this thread will make you rethink all those times you've pressed your service bell.

Flight attendants have revealed the worst passengers they've ever come across.

"Once we had a mother blow weed smoke into her newborn daughter's face to get her to go to sleep," one flight attendant said, "I could go on forever about the lowlife people we carry."

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And it's not just cabin crew who have to deal with rude passengers as this pilot got in on the Reddit action, recalling the time a member of the public assaulted one of their flight attendants.

"Drunk pax assaulted a flight attendant when she refused to serve him more liquor," the pilot said.

"We diverted and had him arrested. We didn't pull his bag before we took off again, because that would involve removing everyone's bags from the cargo bin, locating his, and then loading the plane back up (further inconveniencing all the remaining passengers).

"Assaulting a crew-member is a federal crime. The man is looking at a big fine and some prison time."

Another flight attendant told a story of a woman who boarded his flight to Las Vegas and had "clearly been drinking in the airport beforehand".

"On the flight she spilt her water on her sandwich she bought and demanded we compensate her with five vodkas and 10 blankets for the mess.

Mind you she is the one who spilt the drink on herself, not one of us."

Cabin crew have to deal with a whole variety of rude passengers.

Probably the most disturbing story of all is the cabin crew member who caught a passenger clipping their toenails mid-flight.

"I once had a passenger take of his shoes, put his dirty feet on the seat and clip all of his toenails," they said.

"It was rude, there were toenails flying everywhere. He also left a nice pile of his hacked off heel skin on the seat for someone else to deal with. Not me!"

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