Creep called out on Facebook

Kristine Tarbert

Oh, the power of social media.

The truth always comes out and justice is swift, as one Facebook user discovered the hard way.

So a guy tried to woo a lady by using his baking skills to make muffins – sounds sweet right?

All this because of harmless muffins. Photo: Getty

Apparently she didn’t want any muffins though so he posted about it on Facebook calling her out, even going as far as tagging her. That was his mistake.

“You are a b**ch, you were so rude and ungrateful, you didn’t even invite me in or accept my present which I’d gone to extra effort to make FOR YOU,” he ranted online.

Source: Giphy

“That’s the last time I go to effort for any female. They just want douchebags and not caring men like me.”

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At first people were sympathetic to him, telling him not to take the rejection too personally.

At first people were sympathetic. Photo: Facebook

But then – well he had tagged her – the woman he mentioned decided to set the record straight.

“Thanks for tagging me in this because I can finally call you out on your bullshit,” she commented on the post.

Turns out she actually has a boyfriend already, which he knew about. And it gets worse.

She called him out. Photo: Getty

“But still [you] act like a desperate weirdo trying to get me to go out with you.”

“Oh and everyone reading this, he didn’t only give me cupcakes, in the little box, along with them were 2 condoms and a thong which he suggested I wear.”

Wait… what??

Source: Giphy

“My boyfriend told you to f*k off when you attempted to walk into my house and hug me.”

Her fellow users were quick to react to the revelation.

He still tried to justify it. Photo: Facebook

“OH MY GOD,” was one shocked response.

He says he only wanted a chance with her – but we say run, run away now!

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