Couple shocked by neighbour’s nasty note

Rebekah Scanlan
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A couple has been left horrified after receiving a nasty note from their neighbours, body-shaming them and accusing them of indecent exposure.

Karin and Jay Stone from the UK, received the letter that when it was pushed under their front door, telling Be they were completely “shocked” by what it said.

“Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressed,” the anonymous note began.

Karin and Jay have shared a nasty note that was shoved under their front door. Source: Supplied

“We are sick of seeing big bum, big boobs and little willy. Or we will report you both for indecent exposure.”

The married couple were unaware their neighbours could see into their home, but admit they won’t be changing the way they live their life.

The offensive note body shames Karin and Jay and threatens them with police action. Source: Supplied

“We’re not nudists or exhibitionists,” Karin told Be. “We’re just going to continue going about or daily life and hope that our ‘sensitive’ neighbours will stop perving on us.”

While it was signed off “your neighbours” but the couple have no idea who sent it.

The couple have no plans to change the way they live their life, despite the cruel remarks. Source: Supplied

The reaction online has been huge, with people blasting the unidentified note senders as “narcissistic”

“What kind of GD narc would send such a letter?” one wrote.

Another pointed out that they called them “fat” and asked if the note had “hurt” their feelings.

Most however just laughed and suggested Karin and Jay get their own back with more nudity.

Users online have suggested the pair get revenge with more nudity. Source: Supplied

“Please come up with a choreographed naked dance routine that you practice 50 times daily,” one joked.

While one person suggested they should call the police on their “peeping Tom” neighbours.

Karin, 33, has since revealed they decided to post their own note, asking the people spying on them to stop “peeping”.

“Stop looking through our windows you peeping Tom,” their note said according to The Mirror. 

We hope it did the trick.

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