Costco's Viral Chicken Bake Pizza Sadly Isn't Real, But Here's How You Can Make It

Costco, pizza, and chicken bake
Costco, pizza, and chicken bake - Static Media / Shutterstock / Facebook

You can't believe everything you see on the internet, and Costco's viral chicken bake pizza is proof of that. The hybrid delicacy began making the rounds on the internet in April 2024 after TikTok user @therussianonig claimed it was one of the secrets of the Costco food court. "They're gonna deny it when you call it in, but you've gotta give them the code 69247," the creator explained while showing off the alleged secret menu item, which appeared to be a pizza topped with the contents of the in-house eatery's chicken bake.

Unfortunately, as delicious as that sounds, it appears that Costco's chicken bake pizza is just a myth -- though that doesn't necessarily mean the dream of eating one has to die. By finagling a few recipes, you can DIY this mythical food court treat into reality.

As far as the dough goes, this quick, no-knead pizza dough recipe is an excellent option if you want to replicate the chewy crust in Costco's signature food court pies. If you have access to a Costco Business Center, you can purchase the same pizza sauce it uses in the food court, but if you're unable to venture to one of these 28 special Costco stores, our easy pizza sauce recipe can do the trick. Then, from there, you can build the rest of your 'za using the ingredients (minus the canned pizza dough) listed in Mashed's copycat Costco chicken bake recipe as toppings.

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TikTok Debunked This Mythical Costco Food Court Dish

Costco pizzas and chicken bakes
Costco pizzas and chicken bakes - Fang Zheng/Getty Images

TikToker @therussianonig may have gone viral for the Costco food court "secret menu" chicken bake pizza, but it didn't take long for the internet to determine that this dish was a hoax. "California Costco employee here. We don't make these lol looks good though," one person commented, while others called upon TikTok's menu hack aficionado Jordan Howlett to look into the dish. Howlett quickly issued a response, revealing that he was met with laughter from warehouse employees when he tried to order a chicken bake pizza using Shapiro's special code. "A lot of people were laughing for a healthy amount of time," he said.

Mashed also reached out to a few Costco warehouses across the country to determine if there was any truth to this Costco food court lore and was told more than once that the dish wasn't real. Fortunately, it isn't entirely difficult to bring this meal to life at home, and you can even experiment with creating the menu mash-up in the style of a chicken bake.

Simply follow the aforementioned copycat chicken bake recipe, but throw some pizza sauce into the mix either inside of the dough with the rest of the ingredients or on top with some extra cheese after it's finished baking. Regardless of which of these methods you choose, you'll have created the chicken bake-pizza hybrid of your dreams with no special code -- or embarrassment -- required.

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