Costco's Brand New Food Court Treat Has Shoppers Sprinting to Grab It Now

Costco food court

There are few things that really get people excited beyond belief nowadays. The announcement of a new season of their favorite show, the return of a nostalgic treat and for Costco goers, a new treat hitting the food court. While many people aren't too fond of change, when it comes to the warehouse's ever-popular food court, it can truly be hit or miss with the crowd.

If, however, you happen to be one of the folks who loves to see things get shaken up in the spot, you're in luck because we've just been informed that there's a new treat coming to town. And according to social media, it's one you're going to absolutely love—especially if chocolate and strawberries are your thing.

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Spotted by California-based Instagram account @costconew, the tasty new dessert has shoppers clamoring to get a taste. "OMMMMGGGGGG This $2.49 food court item is one of the best things I’ve ever had!!!" the video was captioned.

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Said to taste exactly like chocolate covered strawberries, the new Chocolate Strawberry Sundae combines the warehouse's popular chocolate soft serve with huge chunks of strawberries and strawberry syrup scattered throughout. Even better than its seemingly delicious taste, though, is the mere price of just $2.49, which is quite on par with other ice cream options served in the food court.

Unfortunately, however, this is not a nationwide menu offering just yet. As the video notes, the option wasn't even listed on their menu at the time of purchasing, so it may even be a secret menu offering for now. Whether it's there for a long time or just temporarily for a good time, we're happy we get to experience it. Here's hoping you can grab yours soon!

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