This Costco Membership Perk Can Score You Huge Savings on Big-Ticket Items

Find out how you can bundle and save.

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Certain home items, like washers and dryers or kitchen appliances, are usually bought in bundles and aren’t cheap. And while there are plenty of online savings opportunities, many savvy consumers purchase these premium items online at Costco.

The surprisingly low prices on everything from entertainment systems to patio decor make the yearly membership fee with the wholesaler worth it. What’s more, members can now save even more with their Costco Direct benefit. We’ll explain how this “buy more, save more” program works, what members can expect, and how to make the most of this Costco membership perk.

What Is Costco Direct?

Costco Direct is an online-only promotion that saves members money when they buy multiple eligible items. The best part is that these savings are in addition to any other programs or offers currently available. Items online are marked with a Costco Direct label and can be mixed and matched for greater savings.

The basic premise of the discount is:

  • Save $100 when you buy two items

  • Save $200 when you buy three items

  • Save $300 when you buy four items

  • Save $400 when you buy five or more items

This promotion is a great way to save on big-ticket items, but there are a few caveats. All you need is a Gold Star Membership to take advantage of these savings, but each membership is limited to two redemptions. Discounts are automatically applied when tagged items are checked out, but all items must be shipped to the same address at the same time. Eligible orders usually ship within 3-5 business days, but exact shipping information is available on individual product pages.

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How to Make the Most of This Membership Perk

Each Costco Direct deal is time-limited while supplies last, so expect the available merchandise to shift based on demand. If you need several items with the Costco Direct label, don’t hesitate to stack up the savings, because there’s no indicator of how much stock is left or when the label on certain items will expire.

Costco members don't have to pick items from just one category. So, instead of buying only kitchen appliances, you can mix and match random household items like a new fridge and an outdoor umbrella. Remember, you’ll also stack any other benefits—like 2% rewards for Executive members. When we browsed, there were over 1,200 options in categories like appliances, electronics, indoor furniture, and outdoor patio sets.

Head to the Costco Direct page to see the complete list of available items. Look for items in your desired category that include manufacturer savings and the Costco Direct discount. Since these items are all large, big-ticket items, pick several items in a single category and compare the shipping specifics. For example, large appliances may include haulaway and setup. In contrast, furniture may only include door drop-off, which could be a challenge if several more oversized items arrive simultaneously. Navigating in-home delivery and installation will be as important as picking the best items to bundle together for the biggest savings.

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