Costco Just Dropped New Rich And Fruity Muffin Flavors To Kick Off Summer

Costco muffins arrangement
Costco muffins arrangement - The Image Party/Shutterstock

For baked goods with tremendous taste and out-of-this-world value, it truly doesn't get any better than Costco muffins. But wait, there's more! Along with the arrival of the summer season, Costco has added two more flavors to its already stellar lineup of packaged muffins: luscious lemon raspberry and decadent butter pecan, both of which are already building a buzz. While Costco previously had a short-lived raspberry lemon flavor, this new variety looks to be a significant improvement on the prior model with the new inclusion of a streusel topping for a muffin that appears to be bursting with fruity goodness.

Costco boasts a huge selection of items as far as the eye can see. Among the fan-favorite desserts (which you can match to your zodiac sign) sold by the members-only store, Costco bakery muffins have been a long-beloved standby, multipacks of which are suitable for breakfast, snacking, gift-giving, and more. Kirkland Signature muffins typically come in packages of six and, with some regional variation, include such classic flavors as blueberry, chocolate, and lemon poppyseed among others. The muffins are grandiose and dense yet still delicately fluffy and fulfilling. The pair of summer season flavors are shaking things up in the Kirkland Signature bakery and winning the hearts and taste buds of fans all over.

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Costco packaged muffins
Costco packaged muffins - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Examining each of these flavors, it's clear to see that Costco is stepping up its baked goods game to grace the dessert tables of summer soirees. One unique departure from the typical Costco muffin is that these two new flavors have received a packaging upgrade. Whereas Costco muffins traditionally come in a plastic package of six muffins, these new offerings — also packaged in a plastic case — have been wrapped in a more delicate and aesthetically pleasing parchment paper, giving a more upscale look. The muffins, while appearing slightly smaller than Costco's usual offerings, definitely seem to pack a great deal of flavor in a subtly slimmed-down format.

The lemon raspberry muffin has clearly had a remarkable makeover from its previous iteration on Costco shelves, containing a hearty helping of raspberry and lemon flavor that is sure to play well as a refreshing fruit flavor for the summer season. Further, the crumbly, rich butter pecan flavor recalls summertime memories of the similarly flavored ice cream. In fact, a melty scoop of butter pecan ice cream might just make an excellent à la mode topping to a warmed up and sliced open version of the luxurious new Costco muffin. You could even make your own brown butter and pecan ice cream to go with it! It's time to enjoy the summer sun and indulge in a new duo of fun flavors. Welcome the new kids to the Costco bakery block.

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