Costco Has the Dolly Parton Lodge Skillet for Nearly Half Off

"I'm heading for my Costco. I want this."

<p>Suzanne Cordeiro/Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Suzanne Cordeiro/Getty Images/Allrecipes

Merch is a big deal these days, and sometimes, it's a head-scratcher as to why. Take, for example, Aldi swag. Clothing, hats, shoes, and belt bags with Aldi logos all sell out quickly. Who would have thought? Even Jimmy John’s released a limited-edition silk scarf with a design that includes all the ingredients in a sandwich—something no one saw coming.

Another type of merchandise I didn’t see coming? Celebrity cast iron skillets. Not skillets from celebrity chefs who have a line of cookware, but skillets with a design on the bottom that represents a celeb.

Lodge has a line of skillets with engravings on the bottom. In 2020, it created a pan with an engraving of Rosie the Riveter on the bottom to honor International Women’s Day. It currently has a collection that celebrates the TV show “Yellowstone.” I have a small Lodge cast-iron skillet with a weathervane symbol on the bottom, the special edition Jason Isbell merch sold last year in honor of the Americana artist’s song “Cast Iron Skillet.”

I’ve wanted another skillet, but I haven’t purchased it yet. Earlier this year, Dolly Parton released a collection with Lodge, and my colleagues and I here at Allrecipes have been coveting the entire line.

Dolly Parton’s Cast-Iron Skillet at Costco

It’s tough not to be a fan of Dolly Parton, or at least admire the country singer and all her accomplishments on the stage and for charity. Whether she’s selling boxed cake mixes or partyware at Walmart, I pay attention because I admire her. I bought the big, colorful Dolly platter from that Walmart collection, and it comes out whenever the girls get together. But that platter was just $7.

The Lodge Dolly skillets cost a bit more. On the Lodge website, The 12-inch skillet with an engraved butterfly and guitar (with Dolly’s name on it) is currently $36.95, plus $9 to ship, totaling almost $46.

Now, that same Lodge skillet is for sale at Costco for just $24.99, making it incredibly tempting for me and several colleagues to run to Costco as soon as possible to snatch skillets for ourselves. It’s not that we don't have cast iron skillets—we all have at least one—but this one is Dolly-themed! Besides being fully functional, it would look great hanging in the kitchen as fun decor.

When Instagram’s Costco Hot Finds posted about spotting the Dolly cast-iron skillets at Costco, she mentioned that the pre-seasoned cast iron skillet has “the most beautiful design by Dolly Parton” and is oven, grill, and flame safe.

“That’s sooo inexpensive!!” one commenter said, and Laura, the voice behind the Instagram account, said, “And will literally last generations.”

Another commented, “Ok, you got me at the design and Dolly. Take my money.” I agree. The design is pretty. It’s Dolly. It could last generations. Take my money. And run.

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