Costco cake fail sends internet into stitches: 'Doubled over in laughter'

Despite the clearest of instructions, a customer's cake order did not yield the desired result.

A Costco cake fail has gone viral this week, after the discount retailer severely botched a customer's order, despite receiving very specific guidelines about how the dessert should be decorated.

A Reddit user shared the detailed instructions that were provided to Costco, which state, "No writing, no designs. Only request is red frosting on the perimeter top and bottom."

Costco cake decoration request
The instructions seem simple enough, but Costco staff still couldn't follow them. Photo: Reddit

However, it appears Costco bakers didn't understand the request and used red and black frosting to decorate the top of the cake with the same drawing they'd been provided.


'Funniest thing I've seen'

Unsurprisingly, Redditors delighted in the "hilarious" mistake. "This was the post I didn't know I needed tonight," one person commented.

"If someone brought this to me for a birthday, anniversary, whatever, I would be doubled over in laughter. This is hilarious," wrote another.

Costco cake fail
The customer's diagram was drawn directly onto the cake. Photo: Reddit

Meanwhile, others were stunned that a Costco employee managed to draw an exact replica of the customer's diagram.

"They even nailed the vague rhombus shape of the drawing," one person said. "Honestly, I'm pretty impressed by how close the drawing is to the figure you drew," another agreed.

Is it real?

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users suspected the whole thing was a prank as the pick-up date on the order form is April 1.

"Employee did it as an April Fool's joke I bet, look at the pick-up date on the order," one person pointed out.

Others decided the original poster was the one who had faked the image, as it has the unusual detail of a wire rack in the background.

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