Costco Has a New Bakery Item and Shoppers Are Obsessed

Costco Has a New Bakery Item and Shoppers Are Obsessed

Costco shoppers are going bananas over the warehouse's newest bakery item, a behemoth Banana Cream Pie.

Coming in at an impressive 3.5 pounds, the massive pie is loaded with real bananas, a banana cream filling, and caramel whipped topping. The Banana Cream Pie, which can be purchased at Costco for $15.99, also features a butter graham cracker crust and is topped with a decadent caramel drizzle.

Although the new treat is just now hitting bakery shelves, people already have a lot to say about it. An Instagram post from Laura of @costcohotfinds announcing the new pie has received well over 1,000 comments from customers who are eager to get their hands on one.

"I’d risk my life for this," one person declared.

For those who have managed to try the pie, it seems that the consensus is that Costco may have gone a bit too far with the whipped topping.

"This one is awful…artificial banana flavors and consistency is like eating a tub of cool whip," said one person.

"It’s awful. We took one bite and threw it away over the weekend. All fluff and no flavor!" another user added.

And on the contrary, there were several people who proclaimed that the Banana Cream Pie is "so good."

Have you tried it yet?

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