'I will call the police': Neighbour roasted over ridiculous note during lockdown

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
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With coronavirus lockdown meaning hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are now working from home, we’ve never been more aware of our neighbours’ movements.

From vacuuming during the day to playing the TV at full blast, little things that we’ve never noticed before are now enough to have us pulling our hair out in frustration.

kid standing near sofa while mother working with laptop
A mum received a bizarre note from her neighbour about how many minutes her child should be playing outside. Photo: Getty Images

However, one neighbour decided to take things a step further, by leaving a note for a mum asking her to limit the amount of time her toddler plays outdoors to just 15 minutes per day.

Bobbie Hineman uploaded a screenshot of the note to her Twitter, alongside the caption: “Yes, it’s real.”

“Dear ‘neighbour’, You moved to the neighbourhood a year ago and I wanted to give you time to correct this problem on your own, but you are apparently too inconsiderate to do so,” the note started.

“Every day this week, when the weather has been nice and windows are open, you proceed to let your small child run free in your backyard and laugh and giggle and carry on without end.

“This is very disruptive for my two dogs and my bird who sits next to the window and like to look into your yard.

“Perhaps you could ask him to tone it down a bit, or at least limit his outside time to 15-20 minutes a day so my dogs can be outside without seeing him running around.”

As if the note wasn’t already bad enough, the writer went on to finish it off by saying: “If this kind of behaviour persists, I WILL CALL THE POLICE!”

People couldn’t believe that someone would write such a ridiculous note, with one person writing on Twitter: “I think you need to buy your child a horn.”

“I’d put up a kiddie pool, swing set, bouncy castle & get a big speaker & blast children songs,” another person wrote.

Bobbie wrote back saying she’s thinking about buying her child a drum set, which went down a treat with her Twitter followers.

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