'T*twear': Shoppers spot x-rated pattern on Xmas jumper

A photo of a Christmas-themed knitted jumper by brand FatFace.
Shoppers have spotted a 'rude' design on a festive jumper. Photo: FatFace.

Donning a knitted garment over Christmas may be the last thought on the minds of Aussies, but over in the UK the temperature is dropping and the influx of novelty festive jumpers has well and truly begun.

One yuletide-themed sweater, in particular, has left shoppers in stitches - for all the wrong reasons.

Shoppers online have collapsed in giggles after spotting a ‘rude’ detail in the black and red snowflake pattern of the ‘Felicity Fairisle Jumper’ by Brit clothing brand FatFace.

They pointed out that the $110 design looks like, well, a row of breasts. Can you see it?

A photo of a Christmas-themed knitted jumper by brand FatFace.
A woman shared the sweater on Mumsnet and asked if others could also see something amiss about the snowflake pattern [Image: FatFace]

‘A right t*t’

Sharing images of the jumper on Mumsnet, one woman wondered, “I don't think they really thought though pattern. Or maybe they did for the niche market of those who think knitwear isn't complete without a line of boobs across it”.

Other Mumsnet members rushed to agree, admitting that they couldn’t ‘un-see’ the titillating pattern.

“More t*twear than knitwear,” added one.

Another commented, “I’d feel like a right t*t wearing that”.

“Right so, a row of mini-boobles... I will never look at a string of baubles quite the same again,” commented a third.

“Cannot be unseen,” stated one.

A photo of a Christmas-themed knitted jumper by brand FatFace.
The 'Felicity Fairisle' knit is part of Angie Smith's The Stylist Edit [Image: FatFace]


Mumsnet isn’t the only forum where the jumper has raised eyebrows. On the FatFace website itself, several shoppers have taken to the product’s review section to share their mirth.

“The pattern looks exactly like a row of boobs! Multi-boob bunting across your own boobs!” wrote one.

“BOOBY JUMPERS FOR ALL,” joked another.

“Wow, that’s a lot of boobs! My baby would love it! ;)” added one.

“Nothing I like more than images of melons on my melons!” laughed another.

“It is a lovely jumper, just don't be surprised if you have a few curious glances whilst out shopping or taking tea,” cautioned one.

One shopper, however, was a little miffed at FatFace’s oversight, writing, “How did they not see this??? It is a line of boobs. Not cool”.

Additional reporting by Lauren Clark.

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