Chrissie Swan slams weight loss attention: 'Damaging'

Chrissie Swan has slammed reports that her weight loss was due to giving up alcohol.

Speaking to host Jamila Rizvi on The Weekend Briefing podcast, the star wanted to set the record straight.

Chrissie Swan poses in a bold pink and gold dress
Chrissie Swan doesn't want to talk about her body. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan

“Every two or three days, there was an article that says ‘Chrissie attributes her body transformation to giving up drinking’,” she began.

“I never said that, I never ever talked about my body. I won’t be talking about my body.

“My body is utterly irrelevant."


The TV host explained that she very carefully mentioned that she stopped drinking during lockdown for her mental health, but her comments were “misconstrued” and connected with her weight loss.

“You say one thing and then all of a sudden you’re the poster girl for that thing,” she added.

Chrissie has also taken up meditation and long daily walks, writing on Instagram earlier this year: "Learning how to meditate kicked it off for me and I realised after the first 10-minute block that it was the first time in ages I’d stopped and slowed down with my own wellbeing top of mind."

She added: "I don’t put pressure on myself but I walk *somewhere* most days. Sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour. Sometimes three little walks, sometimes none!"

Chrissie Swan poses in a bold black dress with green, gold, red and pink print.
Chrissie Swan says her weight loss isn't due to ditching alcohol. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan

The TV host is very aware that social media can have a negative impact on people with body image issues, so one way she combats this is by limiting comments on Instagram.

She went on to explain her decision on The Weekend Briefing podcast, saying “I just know there are going to be women who are not in the mental place I’m in right now.

“I’ve been there, and the last thing I want is to add to that incredibly damaging cycle of comparison and hating yourself, I’m not interested."

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