Chantelle Otten sees 'bright future' for sex and disability: 'Not there yet'

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Sexologist Chantelle Otten sees a "bright future" in the areas of sex and disability, especially after the release of the brand new accessible sex toy the Bump’n Joystick.

The partner of wheelchair tennis star and Paralympian Dylan Alcott says Australia's current pleasure product landscape is heading in the right direction to be more inclusive of all body types, but we're "not quite there yet".

Chantelle Otten and partner Dylan Alcott
Chantelle Otten sees a "bright future" for sex and disability. Photo: Instagram/Chantelle Otten

"I have a lot of patients who are having to tape their toys to their hands, or prop it up between pillows, and I feel for them for not having products that are designed to serve them," Chantelle tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I see the future being bright in this area though! I know that sexual happiness brands are consciously investing in disability and are in conversation around how to be more inclusive.

"This is a topic that has been neglected, and as the landscape of Australia becomes more aware and more inclusive, I believe this will bring opportunity and growth in the sexual wellness space."


On the International Day of People with Disability (Dec 3), Bump’n announced the release of the world’s first hands-free sex toy and intimacy product designed by and for people with disability.

The Bump’n Joystick has been designed by sexual health experts, leading industrial designers, Occupational Therapists and the disabled community to suit the needs of those living with disabilities or pain, immobility, lack of dexterity, muscle weakness and hand limitations.

Chantelle, who has discussed sex and interabled relationships with Dylan on the ListenABLE podcast, says the launch is a step towards 'inclusiveness and opportunity'.

"It means being seen, heard and understood. It means that pleasure may be in reach without feeling shame or having to have conversations with family members or carers or partners about how they can assist," she tells us.

"The Bumpn Joystick is the launching conversation around how sex toys can be accessible and also that they don’t have to look like all the other sex toys out there! They just have to work!!!

"I’m looking forward to hearing feedback about how it works for those who use it!"

Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott
Chantelle says the launch is another step towards 'inclusiveness'. Photo: Instagram/Chantelle Otten

Co-Founder and CEO of Bump’n, Heather Morrison says the new toy will revolutionise the relationship that many people with disability currently have with pleasure and their body.

“For far too long, people with disability have been left with little to no options when it comes to pleasure, often faced with choosing between the shame of asking your care worker for sexual support, hiring a sex worker for an exuberant amount of money, or to simply living life without sexual pleasure,” Ms Morrsion explains.

new Bump'n Joystick
The new Bump'n Joystick was designed by and for people with disability. Photo: Supplied

Deliciously Disabled’s recent research study showed that over 50% of its physically disabled respondents struggle to achieve sexual pleasure on their own and whilst no products have been designed to meet this need, 90% of people would be interested in a pleasure product designed to suit their ability, figures which were also backed up by pleasure industry giant, Lovehoney.

“One of the biggest barriers to accessible pleasure for people with disabilities is the assumption that they are not sexual beings, which has led to sexuality and disability as a taboo subject―but beneath the taboo is fact – hundreds of millions of people around the world can’t masturbate due to hand limitations like pain, immobility and weakness."

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