Celeb Apprentice's Martha shuts down cash question in fiery interview

Celebrity Apprentice's Martha Kalifatidis shut down two radio hosts this morning after being questioned about her infamous quip about her salary earlier in the season.

During a piece to camera last month, Martha hit out at the rest of her team, saying: "Nobody listens to me because they think I'm just a beauty influencer. They don't understand. I'm a beauty influencer who makes your yearly wage in a month."

Celebrity Apprentice's Martha Kalifatidis
Celebrity Apprentice's Martha Kalifatidis shut down a question about how much she earns on live radio, choosing to hang up on the presenters.

During Monday night's episode, however, Martha was sadly fired from the show by Lord Alan Sugar after a last-ditch pitch to stay in the competition.

She told Lord Sugar that if she had the chance to stay, it would give her "so many opportunities" and prove she's "not just an influencer".

During an interview with Hit's Cliffo & Gabi, Martha seemed annoyed when the hosts played audio of the reality star talking about her earnings.


"Because you put that on national TV, it is the question on everybody’s lips: Can you answer how much you make?" Gabi questioned.

"No way. That was just a silly, funny line for TV. I’m never going to answer that. I copped so much sh*t for saying that, because god forbid a woman is successful," Martha responded. "God forbid a short, chunky little Greek girl like me is successful – like no, I should just be serving you in a cafe or taking your fish and chips order, there’s no way that I..."

Cliffo jumped in, saying Martha may have been "reading a bit too much into Gabi's question".

Martha Kalifatidis with a Lord Sugar statue
Martha copped a lot of flack for an off the cuff comment about her salary, though many fans defended her as she quickly became a fan favourite on the show. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

"No. It’s a silly thing I said in passing and I literally have not been able to live it down," Martha said. "People have made so many articles about it, so many people have asked me... come on guys, surely. You guys are in the industry, you know (the statement was) just something silly.

The radio hosts got the call back on track by asking about Martha's mum's appearance on Big Brother, however, when Gabi asked for advice on "how to get extra Instagram followers" it seemingly didn't go down well and Martha hung up.

"She’s gone. Yeah … I think that was a deliberate hang-up," Cliffo joked, adding, "We’ll make a note; we won’t go live with Martha again."

It's unknown if Martha actually did hang up on the pair or if she was simply disconnected.

Speaking with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Martha said she found her final episode very difficult to watch.

"Mentally it’s so hard. Last night I had to do a lot of spending time with my own thoughts and just trying to relax myself because it was really hard to watch," Martha said.

"The only thing that would’ve made it a little bit easier is if every now they can just show a few things and a little bit of insight into another side of my character where I’m not just being a total b***h.

"Obviously there’s another side to me as well and it just kind of was upsetting like at that marketplace, just before the end I got on the megaphone and I was trying to bring the crowds in for everyone, for Ross, for Shayna, for Josh, supporting everyone. I always supported my whole team and I just feel like it would’ve been nice if they just showed a little bit of some other side to me but is what it is."

Wippa, who was eliminated from the show the night before Martha, said everyone from the cast to the crew “fell in love with Martha” and revealed she is great fun to hang around with.

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