Robbie Williams takes savage swipe at The Project: 'Astounded'

Robbie Williams took a savage swipe at The Project on Thursday night, joking that he's "astounded" the show is still on TV.

Waleed Aly introduced the superstar, joking that Robbie was cheering himself on as they shared clips from his career.

Waleed Aly and Robbie Williams on The Project
Robbie Williams has taken a savage swipe at The Project, saying he's surprised they're still on-air. Photo: Ten

"I'm not cheering myself I'm just like astounded that The Project is still on you know, under the weight of massive indifference it's still here! And I'm excited for you!" Robbie joked.


"I was just looking at the Logie awards and something interesting comes up when you look at the Logie Awards. Well for the first four years of the programme existing, the Logies weren't interested in The Project at all.

"But it's something that comes up that I'm sure is a bugbear for everybody else on the panel and I hate to stir the pot, but it's like Carrie Bickmore, Carrie Bickmore, Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, just for a thing," he added, seemingly reading the show's Wikipedia page.

Robbie Williams on The Project
Robbie joked that the Logies didn't care about The Project for some time when the show first began. Photo: Ten

"And then all of a sudden in 2016 it's like Waleed Aly, Waleed Aly, Waleed Aly. It's very very interesting to see, I'm glad that you all still exist. I'm glad that The Project is still with us, and I'm glad to be on Australian television."

Waleed joked, "Well, I think we've got everything we need for the promo!"

Tony Armstrong then jumped in jokingly, "Is anyone else losing the mic, I'm losing the connection!"

Robbie then shared that would be performing a concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne next month for his biopic, which is being shot in Australia.

Robbie's touching tribute to Shane Warne

Shane Warne
Robbie also shared a touching tribute to the late Shane Warne. Photo: Getty

Elsewhere in the chat, Robbie shared a touching tribute to the late Shane Warne after the cricketing legend died at the age of 52 earlier this month.

The singer spoke of his friend, saying his legacy transcended the sport.

"There's like a handful of people on the planet that transcend their sport... and those people are incredibly special," he told the hosts.

"They have a certain thing that's unquantifiable - it just exists," the singer added. "I guess it's in the beauty of the soul and the character of the person. Shane was that guy. He did that and that's a very special person.

"His passing is a great loss to millions of people."

Shane died of a suspected heart attack while holidaying in Thailand, with his sudden death shocking the world.

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