Carrie Bickmore's major AFL finals blunder live on-air leaves Tommy Little speechless

Carrie Bickmore tried to surprise Tommy Little ahead of the AFL finals but failed spectacularly.

Carrie Bickmore has made an awkward blunder live on air after trying to surprise her co-host Tommy Little ahead of the AFL grand final this weekend.

Tommy Little looked very confused as Carrie Bickmore introduced a guest to the show she thought was playing in the finals with Collingwood. However, Tommy soon set her straight after Melbourne Football Club star Brodie Grundy’s voice came on the airwaves.

Carrie Bickmore in headphone at her radio show station
Carrie Bickmore was left red-faced on her radio show. Photo: Instagram/Carrie and Tommy Show

“Why not let you nerd out a little bit on-air,” Carrie said to Tommy, trying to surprise him.

“Your team has made it into the grand final. Last time you saw the guest we’re about to speak to next, he watched you in a baby pool learn to swim,” she continued, with a slight smile. Tommy looked very uncomfortable.


“One of those guys that did watch you was Brodie Grundy and he’ll be playing for the Pies and he joins us now,” Carrie said, clearly delighted with herself for managing to pull off the surprise.

“Welcome,” Carrie said, with clapping heard in the background.

Tommy looked befuddled as he said hi to Brodie, with Carrie asking him: “Why are you so confused?”.

Tommy Little on the Carrie and Tommy Show
Tommy looked very confused. Photo: Instagram/Carrie and Tommy Show

“Who have we got?,” Tommy whispered to Carrie, with Brodie replying: “Tommy, it’s your old mate, it’s Brodie.”

Tommy went on: “Brodie, I’m sorry I love you but Carrie, do you know what’s happened here?”

A sheepish Carrie replied: “No”, with Brodie chiming in: “This is awkward hey?”

Tommy then put his head into his hands and said: “It’s so awkward, Carrie do you honestly not know what you’ve done?”

The producers could then be heard laughing in the background, with Carrie asking: “What’s happening? I’m confused. You know I know nothing about football so if this is football related then I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Would you call this a massive c*** up Brodie?” Tommy asked the AFL player on the phone.

“That’s one way to describe this situation,” Brodie said, with Tommy continuing: “This was supposed to be a surprise for me and I think it’s turned out to be a surprise for Carrie.”

While Tommy acknowledged that Brodie is a ‘Collingwood legend’, he proceeded to let Carrie know that Brodie won’t be playing in the Grand Final this weekend because he hasn’t played with Collingwood since Anzac Day 2022.

“Aw Brodie, I mean you’re still a star player in my eyes. I mean I thought you were still playing, I’m so sorry.”

Carrie had to be corrected yet again because Brodie is indeed still playing in the AFL.

After Brodie hung up, Carrie looked slightly annoyed about the producers ‘stitching her up’ because none of them told her he wasn’t still playing with Collingwood.

Fans of the show thought the segment was hilarious, with one person commenting: “That was GOLD...Took it like a champ Carrie”.

“Oh this is the best! Coooooooollingwooooood!” another said.

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