Capricorn Daily Horoscope – May 18 2021

·1-min read

Today the Moon in Leo makes difficult connections to Uranus and Saturn. You may feel pressured to make difficult decisions or obligated to do something you have not had enough time to think about. It is important that you try to look deeply at these pressing matters and try to understand the motivations behind them. You’re very likely to discover something you had not thought of before.
Sloppiness and uncertainty are two things that can wear down your patience very quickly. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you have to contend with. To make things more complicated, it seems like a lot of people are under the impression they can just go and do things they way they like without taking your needs into consideration. Before things get too chaotic, you will have to make a few things very clear to those who have the wrong idea about who’s really in charge.

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