Can you spot the snake lurking in this photo?

Kristine Tarbert

A photo posted online has asked people to spot the snake hidden in what looks to be just your average backyard garden.

But if you look closely past the two water tanks and tropical green foliage, there’s a dangerous predator just lurking.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers were called in to relocate this red-bellied black snake this week and posted the image on their Facebook page asking people if they could see the snake.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot the snake in this photo? Photo: Facebook

There were plenty of guesses with some people saying they could spot a tree snake in the green foliage, others pointed out a carpet python.

Like us, most had no idea. We looked long and hard and could not see the perfectly camouflaged reptile peeking out from underneath one of the water tanks.

Thankfully the snake experts helped us out and pointed out where the sneaky snake was hiding.

Now can you see the snake under the water tank? Photo: Facebook
The red-bellied black snake was removed by snake catchers. Photo: Facebook

“A young Red-bellied Black, sticking out from underneath the hot water cylinder in the centre of an apartment building in Sippy Downs,” team member Dan posted on Facebook.

“I managed to encourage him out with my snake hook, and got to show a few locals how stunning and placid these guys are.”

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