Can you spot what's wrong with this bathroom?

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It looks like a perfectly modern bathroom, complete with a contrasting feature wall and some suspended greenery – but can you spot what’s very wrong with this picture?

No, it’s not from a real estate ad, and in fact, it’s not a bathroom at all.

It’s all the handiwork of NSW mum-of-three Wendy Manning and it’s just one of the incredible rooms she decorated for her daughter’s new dollhouse.

Inspired by the interior design of real houses, Wendy picked up a ‘pre-loved’ dollhouse at a council cleanup and set about decorating it to a 1:6 scale so that all of the furniture would fit her daughter’s Barbies.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

“The basic process was to clean, sand, paint, and then decorate,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I choose the flooring, wallpaper and décor, much as I would a real house. I find some photos for inspiration then see what I can source to create the style I want.

“It’s hard to get Barbie sized furniture that’s not plastic or crazy expensive, so I made a lot of the cabinets and furnishings.”

She also looks around for everyday items that, on a much smaller scale, can be converted into dollhouse furniture.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

“A bowl becomes a bath, a draw divider becomes a bed, a place mat becomes a rug,” she says, “I also like recyclables – for example the hanging planters are champagne cages, the black ‘tile’ in the bathroom was originally a tissue box.”

Even the bedding was made by hand, with Wendy teaching herself to knit on YouTube and getting help from a friend for the sewing.

With three kids under the age of five however, she says most of the work has to be done by night.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

Wendy uses the name @iflipdollhouses on Instagram to share her designs and is part if a community or miniaturists on Facebook. She stumbled across the world of dollhouse renos by accident after she turned a bookcase into a dollhouse for her daughter last Christmas, and she hasn’t looked back since,

“Some people are so talented you have to look twice to realise you’re looking at a dollhouse,” she says. “For me renovating dollhouses is a creative outlet. I get to play designer on a fraction of the time and budget renovating my real house would take.”

Words by Bianca Soldani.

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