Can you spot the glaring mistake on this wedding invitation?

Planning a wedding and sending out wedding invitations is stressful. Photo: Getty Images

One of the hardest parts about planning a wedding has to be picking the venue.

After all, people really judge how good the day was based on the food, drink and, if you’re my mum, if the venue was cold or not.

So it’s understandable when couples are indecisive about where they want their wedding reception to take place and what date they will pick.

However, one bride and groom seemed to be confused about the finer details of their big day last year, as there was a glaring mistake on their wedding invitation.

The invitation, which was posted to the wedding stationery business’s Instagram page, starts with the parents, Trevor and Heather, requesting the company of Anna and David at the wedding of the daughter, Yasmin, to her husband-to-be, Stephen.

It goes on to state where the church ceremony will take place, the date and the time – Friday 16th November 2018 at 1:30pm.

Can you spot what’s wrong with this wedding invite? Photo: Instagram

However, it’s the next line that had us scratching our heads, as it then tells Anna and David that they have until October 1st 2019 to reply – but that’s 11 months after their wedding will have taken place?

It isn’t the first time a couple has made a pretty huge mistake on their wedding invites, as one bride previously took to wedding forum The Knot, to reveal that her invites had the wrong day on them.

“My fiance and I ordered the most beautiful invitations from Papyrus, we had a calligrapher do our invitations, and we were just over the moon about them – they looked fantastic! We sent them out on Friday, and my mom just called an hour ago. There’s a mistake on the invitations…..and it’s a pretty big one!,” she started.

“Her friend noticed that the invitations read “Sunday, January 8” when it should read “Saturday, January 8”. AHH! I called up all of my bridesmaids, and none of them had noticed (in fact, I showed them the printed invitations at the bachelorette party and no one noticed then either).”

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She asked others how she should ‘spread the word’ that her wedding is actually on a Saturday and not a Sunday.

“I would send a follow up correction by mail to each guest as well as put something on your website. Then follow up with phone calls,” one person said.

“I made a mistake like this at work recently – so frustrating,” another person said, and suggested the bride send out Christmas cards reminding her guests of the correct day and date.

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