Can you see what's wrong with this baby onesie?

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A seemingly innocent baby onesie has gone viral, after a shocked mum-to-be shared a photo of it online.

Emma Tetlow was excitedly shopping for new clothes ahead of the arrival of her daughter, when she spotted a one-piece with an x-rated design.

Can you see it?

A mum has spotted this innocent baby onesie has an x-rated flaw. Source: Mercury News

That’s right, the hilarious blunder comes from an adorable owl design being mistaken as the outline of a pair of boobs at first glance.

Emma, 33, couldn’t believe her eyes at first and admits she was very “shocked”.

“As soon as I saw the baby onesie I thought there were boobs just printed all over it,” she said.

Emma Tetlow was shocked the owls also could be mistaken for boobs, but has seen the funny side. Source: Mercury News

After taking a closer look, she realised but “it was just the owls upside down”.

The expectant mum isn’t alone, with other women taking to social media to out UK clothing store Tesco over the infant range.

Since seeing the ‘disturbing’ baby grow, Emma hasn’t been able to un-see the dirty pattern she thought she saw.

Luckily, she wasn’t ‘offended’ and instead has seen the funny side of it.

Tesco have yet to comment on the cheeky design.

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