Woman calls out Sydney cafe after being served X-rated dish

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An outraged woman has slammed a Sydney cafe as “sexist” and “disgraceful” — after she says she was served a banana that had been deliberately carved into the shape of a penis.

Isa Nascimento, from Brazil, ordered an açai bowl yesterday at Sejuiced cafe in Bondi and says she got more than she bargained for after noticing her fruit was arranged in an X-rated way.

The trendy food bowl — a traditional Brazilian dish made of blended frozen fruit — is usually topped with fresh fruit and nuts, but Isa said hers was garnished with banana sculpted with a phallic head.

A Brazilian woman has slammed a Sydney cafe after she said she was served a penis shaped banana with her order. Source: Supplied

The horrified tourist, who arrived in Sydney three weeks ago on a backpacking adventure, doesn’t speak much English, so she turned to Facebook for help making a complaint. 

“She was disgusted and so embarrassed,” her friend Bruna Lira told Be. “She left the place immediately and threw the açai in the bin.”

Bruna explained that when Isa had ordered the healthy treat, the waiter asked where she was from, and laughed as he served the finished dish up.

“Brazilian women fight a lot to not be stereotyped,” Bruna added. “I cannot believe in 2018 we need to ask men for respect.”

Isa claims she was given a penis shaped banana because she’s Brazilian. Source: Supplied/Facebook

Since posting two images of the offending dish last night, more than 100 people have complained to the cafe, accusing them of being “completely out of line”. 

“Disgusting and unlawful behaviour with a costumer,” one wrote on Faccebook. “Sad story for a woman to go for an açai and instead suffer sexual harassment as well as race and sex discrimination.”

Disgusting!!!” another said. “Unacceptable behaviour from employees with two girlfriends, where they have put a banana with the shape of a PENIS on top of the açai.”

The cafe involved have yet to respond to the accusations, either on social media or when contacted by Be. 

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