Teachers, Give Us The Tea On The Most Surprising Moments From Parent-Teacher Nights

Teachers have the challenging task of balancing the educational journeys of dozens of students while also maintaining a peaceful and welcoming classroom environment.

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Teachers not only deal with students but also their parents, and parent-teacher night can be the most overwhelming night of the year.

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I want to know from the former and active teachers of the BuzzFeed Community: What is the most surprising thing that ever happened at parent-teacher night?

It could be something shocking that a parent said to you or their child. It may be something that made you say, "Well, that was horrible."

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Maybe what transpired was a positive moment, an interaction that made you hopeful not only about the student, but about your entire purpose.

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Or perhaps you have a story that haunts you to this day, but you find yourself telling all your closest friends in secret.

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Whatever the story, tell me about it and how it made you feel in the comments below. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post! If you prefer to stay anonymous, fill out this Google form here.