Here’s what I’d do with some extra cash

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If being in iso has seen your takeaway bills soar, you’re not alone. Food delivery services in Australia have increased by over 400 per cent in some suburbs since lockdown, proving that Aussies love to eat well, no matter what the circumstances - or the cost.

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Need some ideas about how to spend the $1000 you’d be saving on food delivery? We’ve helped you out….

1. Pay off your debt

It might not sound glamorous, but paying off your credit card could save you much more than your newly acquired $1000. If you have $1000 on a credit card with an 18% interest rate, and you’re making the minimum repayments each month, you’ll pay an extra $1861 in interest over seven years and nine months. So, paying off your $1000 now will earn you almost double that again.

2. Rent a castle

Well, why not? If you want to splash your $1000 on something seriously memorable, then Airbnb has several castles to rent, both in Australia and overseas. If you fancy sleeping in a French chateau nestled in rose gardens with its own swimming pool, and still get a few bucks change from your $1k, then grab some friends, wait for travel restrictions to ease, and go for it. You’ll feel like royalty – for one night only.

3. Start your side hustle

Got a great idea for a side business? Now’s your time. You can register a business name, set up a website, pay for a bit of advertising and buy small equipment for less than $1000. If you needed any further convincing, know that Apple, Amazon and Nike all started with investments of around $1000. What are you waiting for?

4. Buy an original artwork

If you think collecting art is just for the wealthy, think again. Many emerging artists sell original works for under $1000. Do your research, choose something you like, and if you’re lucky, the painting you buy now will be worth a lot more in the future. Plus, it will look great on your wall in the meantime.

5. Invest

Invest your $1000 today and it could earn you a lot more in the long term. Term deposit accounts lock your money in for at least three months but bring a higher interest rate than a savings account. Most stocks and shares need just $500 to get started, and with the recent stock market crash, you might be able to snap up some bargains. And depending on how much you earn, if you put an extra $1000 in your superannuation account, the government will put $500 into your account as well. Now that’s a good return.

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