Bunnings shopper's post about 'hot' workers slammed: 'Inappropriate'

A man's comment on how Bunnings workers look in their uniforms has been slammed as 'inappropriate' online.

"Bunnings uniforms are hot," the man posted on Reddit, in reaction to TikTok videos featuring workers, adding that he’s “surprised” by how flattering the uniforms are.

Bunnings Warehouse
A Reddit users post about Bunnings workers has been called out online. Photo: Getty

"Whenever I, a hetero man, go to Bunnings I’m always surprised by how flattering the stubbie shorts and tradie boots are on the lady employees,” he wrote.

“I’d take a woman in the Bunnings get-up over a woman in many of the regular jeans or dress or skirt outfits I see out there.

“It makes me understand why women sometimes have a thing for firefighters. I think the chunky boots accentuate the legs and make them look slimmer or something.”


The post however received a mixed reaction, with some people agreeing they were fans of the Bunnings uniform.

"I think tradie boots are attractive on everyone,” one person commented.

Bunnings warehouse sign on a suburban store in South Australia
One Bunnings shopper was a fan of the uniforms. Photo: Getty

However, most slammed the post as inappropriate, calling out the man for commenting on the female worker's looks.

"Thank god you’ve shared this opinion - not on any employees’ competence or ability to do their job, but instead on how pleasing they are to your eye as you do your hardware shopping," was one reaction.

"This is so inappropriate," another agreed.

Though, others said they had simply seen it as a "light-hearted" comment.

"Personally as a female, i like seeing an appreciation post directed at chicks in boots versus chicks in heels/bikinis/whatever. Like yup, boots are hot, we must spread the word!" one person wrote.

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