Buffalo Trace Bourbon Shooters Were Spotted At Costco For A Bargain

Bottle of Buffalo Trace whiskey and two glasses
Bottle of Buffalo Trace whiskey and two glasses - Oleksandr Blishch/Shutterstock

If you're still trying to stock up for your July Fourth festivities, head down to your local Costco. The retailer is always coming in clutch with the best deals on high quality alcohol and another great steal has been spotted. Recently, a 12-pack of Buffalo Trace's award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was seen at Costco for a low price.

An eagle-eyed shopper noticed a 12-pack of the 50 mL bottles on sale for $24.99 at a Costco in Covington, Washington. Despite the low price, this whiskey is nothing to scoff at. The famed Buffalo Trace distillery is responsible for a number of top-shelf bourbons you should know, and its Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will forever be a beloved classic. The bourbon is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of eight years, infusing it with notes of molasses, brown sugar, mint, vanilla, and anise.

The $24.99 price tag is an anomaly, considering that the bottle often runs for much more. Although you can currently get a pack of 50 mL bottles for $13.99 elsewhere, that's only for a pack of six that's on sale. The usual price is $23.94, making the Costco deal a much better bargain. Getting your hands on one shooter alone can also be a little pricey, with one 50 mL bottle retailing for $14.

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Does Costco Typically Sell Buffalo Trace Whiskey?

Two bottles of Buffalo Trace whiskey
Two bottles of Buffalo Trace whiskey - Q77photo/Shutterstock

If you're accustomed to how frequently Costco brings in good quality whiskey, then you know how quickly they fly off the shelves. With such great prices, we can't blame other Costco members for trying to pick up the bourbon as quickly as they can. Even if you can't find a pack of the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Costco has been known to carry the brand before.

Earlier in 2024, Buffalo Trace's limited Prohibition Collection was spotted at Costco for a bargain. The retailer made it slightly more affordable to get your hands on the highly-coveted bottles, and they do the same for other whiskeys under the Buffalo Trace brand. Every now and then, customers spot a full-sized bottle of Buffalo Trace's classic whiskey going for about half of the original price. The retailer has also been known to have incredible steals on Blanton's, a Buffalo Trace-made bourbon that's difficult to find. With over 100 awards and counting under its belt, we'd take up any deal Costco has from the distillery.

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