Buckingham Palace Offers Boy Sweet Consolation Prize After Traffic Keeps Him From King Charles' Garden Party

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 8: King Charles III speaks to guests attending a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on May 8, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Jordan Pettitt - Pool/Getty Images)

Buckingham Palace sent a young boy a sweet offer after he and his mother got stuck in traffic on their way to King Charles' first garden party of the year—and since his cancer diagnosis.

9-year-old Tony Hudgell and his mother Paula were making their way toward London when they hit an unfortunate amount of traffic, finding themselves stuck on the highway for hours when they should have been enjoying tea with the royals.

Paula expressed remorse on Twitter, sharing a photo of her son looking cool as can be with a pair of oversized sunglasses as he sat next to her in the car on May 8. "Won't be making the King's Garden Party," she wrote sadly, but the palace was quick to reply with a thoughtful offer to brighten their days, asking, “Fancy trying again another day? Leave it with us…"

Paula later shared that the invitation soothed the boy's disappointment, replying to the royal family, "This tweet has certainly lifted our spirits and Tony is going to bed now much happier. 🩵.”

According to the Local Government Association, attending one of the King's garden parties is a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" which you must be invited to. They've been held since the 1860s, as reported by People, for the monarch to recognize members of the community for their public service.

Hudgell is a double-amputee who was assaulted by his birth parents as a baby, leading to the partial loss of both lower limbs. He's been recognized for his efforts to fundraise for childrens' healthcare and campaign to prevent child abuse, along with his mother, and considers Princess Kate Middleton a “number one supporter” of himself and his cause.

No word yet on how the royals plan to make it up to the boy, but it seems likely we'll see him shaking King Charles' hand at the next garden party of the year.

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