Belle Gibson’s brother drops bombshell

Cancer conwoman Belle Gibson's brother speaks out. Picture: Supplied
The brother of wellness blogger turned infamous scammer Belle Gibson said his sister should go to jail for her lies. Picture: Supplied

The brother of infamous scammer Belle Gibson has claimed the cancer conwoman took jewellery from her dying mum while she was in the hospice, saying he believes his sister should go to jail after profiting from lies about her non-existent brain cancer.

Nick Gibson dropped the bombshell during a rare tell-all interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday while calling on his little sister to apologise to the people who fell for her lies.

Belle Gibson infamously profited from lies she cured her non-existent brain cancer by switching conventional medicine with a healthy diet and alternative therapies.

Her efforts led to her launching an app, The Whole Pantry, in 2013 and securing a book deal with Penguin Random House, before it was revealed she had never been diagnosed with cancer.

Belle Gibson brother. Picture 60 Minutes.JPG
Belle Gibson’s brother Nick said his sister should go to jail after she duped her followers she cured her inoperable brain cancer by eschewing conventional medicine. Picture 60 Minutes. JPG

Gibson was fined $410,000 by the Federal Court in 2017, after she was found guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct over claims sales from her book and app would be donated to multiple charities.

During the program, Nick also spoke of his sister’s alleged actions when their mother Natalie was “desperately ill” in 2017.

“Mum had jewellery up there as well in boxes, and I went back up there and it was all cleared out,” Nick told the program.

“And then I contacted Belle maybe about a few days later, a week later, and she couldn’t say anything, she avoided it all.”

He further claimed his mother was wearing jewellery before she passed away, which was missing when he went back to visit her at the hospice.

The program also revealed the siblings have barely communicated in years, except for “rare” text messages.

“(She should) go to prison and think about what she’s done,” he told reporter Dimity Clancey.

“Just to get a wake-up call,” he responds when pressed.

Belle Gibson con artist. Picture 60 Minutes.JPG
Belle Gibson was fined $410,000 in 2017 by the Federal Court, however she has no paid the fines. Picture: 60 Minutes

However he also admits, Gibson will “never tell the truth”.

“I just want Belle to come forward and say sorry to the families she’s ripped off and hurt, and also pay the fine as she’s been asked to,” he says.

Mr Gibson said he’s personally been “hurt,” and affected by Gibson’s lies, forcing him to seek counselling and avoid being in public.

“She’s stuffed it up real bad,” he says.

“I’ve had people come up to me and ask me questions, and they think I’m like her when I’m not. I’m nothing like her.”

Belle Gibson’s book The Whole Pantry was withdrawn by publishers, following revelations Gibson had falsified her claims.
Belle Gibson’s book The Whole Pantry was withdrawn by publishers, following revelations Gibson had falsified her claims.

He also took particular offence at comments from Gibson’s comment that he was autistic, something he says was not true.

While Gibson has avoided social media in the years after her conviction, it’s believed she still lives in Melbourne.

In 2020, reports emerged of Gibson claiming she been “adopted” by Ethiopia’s Oromo community in Melbourne.

In the video, which was posted the day after her Northcote home was raided by Victorian authorities over outstanding fines, Gibson appeared wearing a headscarf while attending a community group meeting, and referred to herself by a new name: Sabontu.

Australian Oromo Community Association president Tarekegn Chimdi later told The Australian Gibson was: not a community member,” and said he was unaware of her convicted crimes.