‘Bridgerton’ Star Cracks Dirty Joke So Clever, It Took Stephen Colbert A Moment To Get It

Dearest gentle reader, the internet is abuzz thanks to a certain lady’s foul mouth.

Last Friday, Claudia Jessie, who plays the rebellious Eloise on the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton,” decided to share an absolutely bonkers story on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” about why her character ended up wearing a ridiculous outfit in the show’s third season.

She topped off the wild anecdote with a dirty joke that seemed to initially throw off the late night host.

Jessie began her tale after Colbert asked her if filming the third season of the show was “easy” because she’s been a main character of the series since Season 1. In response to his question, Jessie implied that it wasn’t because she endured an injury on set.

“I actually broke my wrist during Season 3,” Jessie revealed. “I’m an idiot, it’s my own fault.”

Jessie explained the incident occurred at around 8 a.m. before shooting even began for the day, and everyone on set was in a very “good mood.”

“So to celebrate everybody’s good mood I did a high kick — a celebratory high kick,” she said. 

But Jessie was already in costume, and her gown’s skirt was more confining than she thought.

“So when I put my leg up, it was restricted immediately, and I went back,” she said. 

“Oh, because the bottom of the skirt took your legs out?” Colbert asked. 

“You better believe it,” Jessie confirmed.

Jessie said as she was falling, she locked eyes with one of her “Bridgerton” co-stars “all the way down” with an expression on her face that screamed, “Oh no.”

Jessie landed on her wrist, and saw that everyone from the cast was laughing — which she was happy about, because she “would have hated silence.” But she quickly realized that her fall was a little more serious than she’d thought.

“Thankfully we have a medic on set for idiots like me,” Jessie went on. “And there was a section she had to fill out, and it said, ‘Reason for accident.’ And she said, ‘Patient was high kicking on set.’ … I did one! I wasn’t like an unstoppable high-kicking machine that they’ve been trying to stop at all costs for hours!”

Jessie had to get a cast for her injury, which created a continuity issue in the Regency-era drama.

So the show’s costume department decided to hide her cast in a giant fur muff. Season 3 took place during the summer — but “Bridgerton” rolled with it anyway. So, in Season 3 Eloise can be seen strolling in a park on a bright and sunny day with a muff over her hands.

Jessica Madsen as Cressida and Claudia Jessie as Eloise in “Bridgerton” Season 3.
Jessica Madsen as Cressida and Claudia Jessie as Eloise in “Bridgerton” Season 3. Liam Daniel/Netflix

Jessie told Colbert that people on set referred to the accessory as the “summer muff.”

As Colbert held a still of Eloise rocking her “summer muff” in the show, he asked Jessie if there is “such a thing” as a “summer muff” or “did they just make it up?” 

“No, we just made it up!” Jessie said. “We were like, ‘It’s the summer muff, of course!’”

She then pointed to herself in Colbert’s picture and said:

“Yeah, so I’m elbow-deep in summer muff right there. If you will.”

Colbert took a beat before making a facial expression signaling that he got the double-entendre.

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s one of the titles of a Stormy Daniels movie,” Colbert cracked.

People on X, formerly Twitter, were absolutely delighted by Jessie’s interview on “The Late Show.”

Jessie has been particularly amusing throughout her publicity tour for the new season of “Bridgerton.” 

She also got a lot of attention of X last week when she pretended to consult an invisible person behind her while being quizzed in an interview with IMDb.