Shocking reason bridesmaid forced to sell her dress

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A woman has been forced to sell her bridesmaids dress. [stock image] Photo: Getty

A bridesmaid has revealed the shocking reason she’s been forced to sell the dress she had bought for her friend’s wedding.

Taking to Facebook to post the navy blue gown for sale, the woman revealed she had in fact been booted from the wedding party after suffering a miscarriage.

“Unfortunately had a miscarriage and then was kicked out of the wedding for not being supportive of the bride,” she wrote in the ad, selling the brand new and unaltered dress for $125 USD.

She posted an ad online for the navy dress. Photos: Facebook

The woman’s ad quickly went viral after it was shared to a wedding shaming group, with plenty of people sharing their outrage that the “self-absorbed” bride - supposedly a friend - would do such a thing at such a tragic and difficult time.

“So anyways, who wants to destroy the bride...” was one angry comment.

“I almost want to pool money with people so we can just pay this poor bridesmaid. OMG,” was another response.

“Wow. Just… what an absolute c*** of a bride,” another person wrote.

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