Wedding guest dies after bride wishes she 'couldn't come'

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A bride's response to a guest's snarky RSVP has backfired. Photo: Facebook (left) Getty stock image (right)

A bride-to-be has been left in shock after one of her would-be guests died days after she complained about the woman’s 'petty' response to a Save the Date card.

The unfortunate coincidence was shared on a popular Facebook forum which was first written to point out the guest’s ‘nasty’ response to the wedding invite.

In a note to the bride and groom, the sender detailed her issues with having to pay postage when returning the Save the Date —a sum said to total no more than 70 cents.

“What kind of invitation is this, where I had to pay postage due to get your mail!” the angered guest wrote before complaining a gifted magnet had “cracked as well”.

Clapping back

This assertive response inspired the bride to take to the forum to air her frustration, explaining the woman was her fiancé’s mother’s friend.

“What the f*** lady. First of all, clearly that was not our intention. I put additional postage on it,” the bride-to-be began.

“Second of all you wasted an additional 55 cent to send that letter to us? Next time, refuse the letter if your a** is going to b**** about $3.

“So I am going to be petty as hell and send her a nasty a** letter back with a check in it for $3.51 to cover her postage, and hopefully she doesn't come to the wedding.”

This assertive response inspired the bride to first take to the forum with her woes. Photo: Facebook

But in a shocking twist to the saga, the bride returned to the thread shortly afterward with a sad update — her would-be guest had passed away.

“I submitted this on September 22 (approved 30th) as of September 27th SHE DIED!!!!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!” the woman exclaimed in a questionable tone.

Understandably, other users quickly became gripped by the unfolding story, labelling it everything from ‘unbelievable’ to simply ‘a wild ride’.

“I'm literally shocked at the update,” wrote another person, calling the twist a straight up “turn of events!”

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