Bride leaves friends baffled with hen's party invoice

Sarah Carty
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A bride has left her friends baffled after she sent out an itemised invoice after her hen’s party.

One attendee was so put out that she took to Reddit to post up a screenshot of the message she received from the bride.

“So, I received an invoice from the bachelorette party,” the woman started the post.

The image showed how the bride had broken down how much the food, drink, gifts and décor cost and split it up between the whole group of seven.

This bride’s bizarre hen’s party invoice has gone viral. Photo: Reddit/circumventing_user

The bill showed they had spent $82.16 on pizza, $22.66 on vodka and champagne, $5 on plates and $10 on cotton candy.

The woman said the bride told her the day was BYO so she only brought whatever she wanted to drink herself but ended up having to pay for others.

“The party wasn’t even fun because she was trying so hard to make it a picture-perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction (sic),” the woman wrote.

One person asked the woman why the bride had forked out $83 on pizza for seven people?

People online couldn’t believe the bride’s demands. Photo: Getty Images

“What the hell kind of pizza are you having?” the woman asked.

“That’s a very good question. There were only four pizzas,” the woman replied.

“I’m going to eat the f**k out of her wedding food to make up for it.”

People on Reddit couldn’t believe the bride would send out such a list.

“Do not pay this. It’s tacky, and was not previously agreed upon. BYOB means you don’t pay for her booze. Give her $20 and be done with it,” one person said.

“Would offer to stick this invoice where the sun don’t shine and nothing else,” another person said.

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