Bride demands groomsmen to pay for their own $550 tuxedos

Alicia Vrajlal
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Planning a wedding can not only be stressful, but very expensive.

So is it fair to share the costs throughout the bridal party, even though it’s your own big day?

One bride has asked her fiance’s groomsmen to fork out $550 each, almost as much as she spent on her own wedding dress ($600), on brand new tuxedos she’s personally selected.

When one of them asked if renting was an option instead, she refused to consider the cheaper choice and said she’d find another groomsman.

One bride has asked her fiance’s groomsmen to fork out $550 each on brand new tuxedos. Photo: Getty

Sharing details of the bride’s demands on Reddit, one of the bridesmaids wrote: “So long story short, my boyfriend and I are in a mutual friends wedding. She wanted the men to buy their tuxes which was around $550 so I told her we wouldn’t be able to afford that and asked if she could find a place to rent them instead.

“She refused and said she would find another groomsman and I said fine if she wanted to be rude b***h my boyfriend and I wouldn’t be in the wedding. Haven’t heard back from her in about 2 weeks which sucks because I already bought my dress and shoes (which are ugly btw so just spent $200 on nothing).”

The bridesmaid also explained that the groom had no say in what his groomsmen wore, and that he and her boyfriend were close friends.

“In the end it’s her day but does anyone else find this ridiculous to expect your groomsmen to spend this much on a tux when renting one is like $150?” she asked other Reddit users.

Photo: Reddit

Speaking from her own experience, one commenter supported the bridesmaid, saying: “I have been a bridesmaid more times than anyone should and I’ve never heard of buying a tux for a wedding, no one does that, no one should have to and its ridiculous to tell anyone they HAVE TO BUY INSTEAD OF RENT. That’s crazy, she sounds like a fool and you both are better off not participating”.

Meanwhile another wrote: “Um, she’s just rude. No one should have to shell out that kind of cash for someone else’s wedding.

“Try to sell your bridesmaids stuff and go have fun with your boyfriend that night. Guaranteed her wedding will be a nightmare with her running the show.”

Another person thought the bride’s demands showed her true colours, and that perhaps the groom needed to reassess his decision.

Maybe if the groom was a mature adult he would reason with his soon-to-be wife and stick with his friend,” they wrote. 

The bride’s gown cost $600, while the groomsmen’s tuxedos are $550 each. Photo: Getty

I’m confused why the bride gets to pick the tuxes and the groom has zero say in the matter. I get that a wedding is mostly the woman’s dream day, but that’s just ridiculous to me and seriously controlling,” said another user. 

Others tried their best to see the logic in the bride’s decision, putting it down to the quality of purchased tuxedos versus rented ones.

A purchased tux is properly fitted and tailored, and is usually a better quality wool, while the rentals are more polyester, with tailoring details that don’t look as nicely fitted,” one wrote. 

However he did go on to add that it didn’t cost him $550 for his own slick suit.

It’s going to be hard,” the original bridesmaid then commented.

“The tux she wants them in is gray with a black collar and light brown shoes with a bright pink bow tie and pink checkered pocket square. Not only is she expensive she has no taste lol.” 

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