Bride and groom swept away by wave during wedding photos

An American couple had a unique wedding photoshoot when they were hit with a rogue wave. Photo: Sunny Golden

A pair of newlyweds were literally swept off their feet during their wedding photo shoot — though it was, unfortunately, thanks to a powerful wave rather than romance.

Bekah Blakely-Savage’s Hawaii-based shoot with new husband Tim went viral following a Reddit post and a rogue wave that slammed into the couple as they posed in their wedding finery on Makua Beach.

The Texas couple — who tied the knot in Alaska last month — treated themselves to a post-wedding trip to Hawaii, where they decided to book a photographer to stage a beachy shoot to contrast with the wintery, mountain backdrop from their actual ceremony.

Not dampening their spirits

Enlisting Hawaii-based photographer Sunny Golden to shoot their wedding outfits, the pair hoped the ocean would work as a flawless backdrop.

But their prime beach-front location came with a risk factor, as they soon discovered when waves crashed into them, knocking them over and drenching Blakely-Savage’s lacy ensemble.

Amazingly, the lovebirds didn’t miss a beat, continuing to smile and smooch for the camera as they romped in the water.

Blakely-Savage tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she was able to laugh off the mishap because her actual wedding had already come and gone.

The pair didn't let the water dampen their fun. Photo: Sunny Golden

“We were already married by that point so I wasn’t really concerned about the dress,” she says.

“We hung it out to dry overnight then tried to shake out as much sand and salt as possible before we put it back in the garment bag to fly home with it the next day.”

Second life

And while the wedding outfit looks ruined in her photo, a local dry cleaner, Fort Worth’s Comet Cleaners, miraculously managed to salvage it.

“When we took it to the dry cleaner nearly three days after the shoot, the skirt was still damp!” the bride says.

Now that the dress has been restored, Blakely-Savage is considering giving it a second life.

“I think it would be nice to pass it on to another bride,” she says. “I could keep it and upcycle the fabric into something else,” she says.

“Or mix and match the skirt and top with other pieces for future anniversary outfits. There are lots of possibilities!”

Words by Erin Donnelly.

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