The sneaky detail that destroyed this couple's wedding photos

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A couple's wedding shots have been marred by an unexpected guest. Photo: Reddit

A couple’s wedding photos have been destroyed by a wayward swimmer who stepped in at a crucial point, slotting herself into their memories for life.

The happy couple decided to host their nuptials on a picturesque beach but clearly didn’t factor in the unpredictability of the public into their ceremony.

Where most beachside bridal parties might fear blustering winds, high tides or a hidden crab or two, this couple were forced to contend with the rare human factor when a woman enjoying the sunshine decided to plant herself smack bang in the middle of their photo while the pair shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

The original post, re-shared to Reddit, called out a beachside wedding crasher. Photo: Reddit

Shared to Reddit, the bizarre images show a bride and groom mid-kiss while their elated family and friends look on.

In the background, however, a woman clad only in a pair of blue bathers looks on.

The original post explains the pair had cordoned off the area with tape, but the adhesive did nothing to stop the woman who, bold as brass, planted herself front and centre to watch the happy day unfold.

Wedding crasher becomes crowd favourite

Hands on hips, visibly curious, and right in the middle of the shot, the woman has attracted a flurry of online fans and detractors via the Reddit thread.

“She was their ‘something blue’,” one observer wrote.

Another proposed the woman become a fixture of the couple’s milestone moments going forward.

They suggested the pair employ photoshop to make sure she is never absent from a single moment of their shared lives.

“If I were the groom, I'd photoshop her in the background of every photo from now on. Editing honeymoon pics? Put the lady in blue in, new dog pics? Lady in blue. Baby shower? Lady in blue it gets. Then send it all to her in a blue photo album,” they suggested.

One decided to ‘help’ the couple out and works some photoshop magic on the image.

The resulting product has the woman completely removed, but sparked an unexpectedly passionate response.

“It feels so empty without her now. PUT HER BACK,” one fan of the bridal bather wrote.

Reddit user csalinascl removed the ring in from the shot but sparked an unexpected response. Photo: Reddit/csalinascl

Some did have a stern word to say about the woman.

“Should have made her move. Why are people so afraid of confrontation?”

Others could only see the situation from her perspective.

“Don't you hate it when you set your towel down on the beach, go in the water, and come back to somebody having set up a wedding on your spot?”

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