Is Blue Bloods Romance Imminent? Did 9-1-1 Cause Double Take? Why Didn’t NBC Play Up Milestones? Another Cleaning Lady Triangle? More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Blue Bloods, 9-1-1, NCIS: Hawai’i and The Cleaning Lady!

1 | Who dropped the ball, that Lee Majors’ The Fall Guy isn’t handy to stream “free” anywhere concurrent with the Ryan Gosling movie’s release?

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2 | Did Mad Men auteur Matthew Weiner have any say in Jon Hamm and John Slattery’s Unfrosted cameos?

3 | Was “Die Hard: Tan” the S.W.A.T. episode you didn’t know you needed?

4 | When did Blue Bloods’ Abigail get promoted to science officer…? ▼ And after last week’s overt “Maybe next time, just come in..” flirting, do you think Danny/Baez will “happen” by the May 17 finale, or not until December’s series finale?

Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods

5 | Come on, now — would NCIS’ Jessica not have told Jimmy straight away about her job offer? Knowing he’d undoubtedly hear about it upon arriving at the crime scene? And don’t get us started on her apparent unfamiliarity with Shelley Winters….

6 | The Neighborhood giving an early 2010s era Gemma bangs was totally a nod to 2 Broke Girls’ Caroline Channing, right?

The Neighborhood 2 Broke Girls
The Neighborhood 2 Broke Girls

7 | Should Bob Hearts Abishola have paired single mom Christina and MaxDot CFO Kofo in the future-set finale — something the writers strongly considered ahead of Season 5? Or would that have felt rushed, having not explored that potential relationship at all during the sitcom’s farewell run?

8 | In the NCIS: Hawai’i finale, what if Cruz’s kid sister didn’t have a body type that conveniently matched one of the agents’? And was it a bit funny that Tennant entered the final scene calling out for (daughter) Julie, when who actually was waiting for her was Julie… White, as recurring adversary Maggie Shaw?

9 | If the new Peacock series “set in the same universe as The Office” takes place at a Midwestern newspaper with entirely new characters (aside from the unseen documentary crew), how is it connected to The Office, exactly? Isn’t it just yet another mockumentary-style sitcom?

10 | There’s no way that Will Trent‘s Crystal and Joey living together won’t blow up in Angie’s face… right?

11 | Is The Cleaning Lady really having Thony and Nadia develop an emotional connection with the same man — first Arman, now Jorge — again?

12 | Has The Rookie’s Monica developed into one of TV’s all-time great villains? And what’s your current read on sketchy shrink Blair? Has she simply been forced into an alliance with Monica?

The Rookie Monica
The Rookie Monica

13 | Will The Good Doctor ever let Claire be happy? First, she loses her mother, then she loses Melendez, and now she’s returning after two years, only to be diagnosed with breast cancer?? (TUES)

14 | Was it fair for The Challenge: All Stars 4‘s TJ to let Nicole change her mind in the Arena after she already decided to face Veronica? Or are we all just happy Veronica got to work her magic and be safe?

15 | Did no one on The Conners think it sounded like a bad idea for Ben to use the insurance money from the hardware store to buy a magazine? In 2024?

16 | Did Abbott Elementary’s paternity B-story make you look up Kevin Hart and Quinta Brunson’s ages and wonder how it would even be biologically possible?

17 | Isn’t it too soon for Walker’s Trey to be applying for the lieutenant position, when he’s been a Texas Ranger for all of five minutes compared to Cassie?

18 | Can we all agree that Luke Mitchell/Ripley is the best Chicago Med addition in years? For the 10 other people who watched and loved The CW’s The Republic of Sarah, how excited were you to see Mitchell’s love interest from that series, Hope Lauren, sharing scenes with him as Lynne? And were you surprised to see unannounced guest star Natalie Zea in the promo for next week? ▼

19 | Did anyone else think of A Streetcar Named Desire when Chicago Fire’s Severide emerged from the smoke/wreckage crying out “Stella!!!”?

20 | Wasn’t it a nice surprise to see Amy Morton’s Trudy Platt featured so heavily in this week’s Chicago P.D.?

21 | Are you surprised that NBC didn’t make a bigger deal out of three Dick Wolf procedurals celebrating major milestones this week — what with Chicago Fire airing its 250th episode, Law & Order airing its 500th episode (which at least got a promo mention), and SVU airing its 550th episode?

22 | Young Sheldon fans, what hit you harder: Seeing Mary, Missy and Meemaw start crying when Tom and Wayne delivered the bad news? Or seeing a clearly stunned Sheldon rendered speechless, to the point where he had to sit down?

23 | On 9-1-1, how long did it take you to realize that Eddie’s new lady friend was just Devin Kelley (aka Shannon) with blonde hair?

24 | How many throat lozenges and honey teas do you think Law & Order’s Tony Goldwyn and Hugh Dancy consumed after their screaming match this week?

25 | As much as we hated Simone’s jilted fiancé on Grey’s Anatomy, can we bring him back to take another swing at Lucas — please? On a related subject, is the show working too hard to push Lucas/Simone when Blue/Jules and Mika/Helm are the far more appealing couples?

26 | Does SVU‘s Benson — who has known Carisi for almost a decade and met him when he was a detective — actually have him in her phone as “ADA Carisi”?

27 | As fun as it looked, did anybody else wish we had had a clue what scene this Station 19 extra was playing?

28 | Law & Order: Organized Crime viewers: We’re no tech geniuses, so a genuine query — Is there any reason the server farm Reyes and Vargas broke into was lit like the bathroom at a nightclub? (Thurs)

29 | Was this week’s Elsbeth wayyyyyy too obvious in telegraphing how the killer would be found out? Speaking of which, would a headband like that have just “fallen off” so easily?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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