Sultry new bikini trend hiding in Kylie's latest swimsuit snap

Kylie Jenner is nothing if not a trendsetter.

The cosmetic mogul has a habit of introducing, and sometimes forcibly plunging the world into a series of odd, inspired and downright bananas trends from itty-bitty sunglasses, to booty-baring swimsuits.

Kylie Jenner wears Skim velour bodysuit and body chain heralding new summer trend
Kylie Jenner is nothing if not a trendsetter, but can you spot the new style she's rocking in this snap? Photo: Instagram/ kyliejenner

Now it seems there is a new trend on the horizon, and it’s not a dizzying g-string bikini cut, nor the underboob style that seems to be pushing its way forcibly into 2021, but rather a very subtle, barely noticeable accessory.

Eagle-eyed fans of the 23-year-old have noticed that in all her latest saucy bikini snaps, the mum is sporting one very subtle piece of jewellery.

Image of Kylie Jenner in Skims bodysuit with body chain highlighted by red circle new bikini trend
This barely-there body chain has become a staple of Kylie's summer looks. Photo: Instagram/ kyliejenner

A thin, almost invisible body chain draped around her curvaceous hips has been arching out of her low-slung pants, sneaking through her stringy bikinis, and now peeking out from behind sister Kim’s divisive SKIM’svelour bodysuit.

The Kylie Cosmetics owner shared a few photos of herself sporting the grey bodysuit, which features a dizzyingly high leg cut, a large diamond-shaped cutout across the belly, a plunging neckline and even the ever-present peek of underboob.


The latest round of photos confirms the youngest Kardashian sister has embraced the body chain as a staple, sporting it in her last three body-baring looks.

Kylie jenner red string bikini wearing body chain new trend summer 2020
The mum is sporting the chain in these sizzling poolside snaps. Photo: Instagram/ kyliejenner

In a sizzling poolside snap in a red bikini the fine gold chain can be spotted around Kylie’s waist, as can it above a pair of baggy black jeans the star paired with a scarf-style crisscross top.

Kylie Jenner wears a scarf top and baggy jeans with a body chain around her waist
This retro outfit also features the chain peeking above these baggy jeans' waistline. Photo: Instagram/ kyliejenner

Body chains latest celebrity trend

She’s not alone in her penchant for the waist chain either.

Supermodel Bella Hadid is also backing the trend, sporting her own take on the body chain in all her latest beachside snaps.

Bella Hadid wears body chain in beach photo
Bella has been rocking a chain in her beachy photos too.Photo: Instagram/ bellahadid

The sister of Gigi Hadid and new aunty is sporting the same style of gold chain in a hysterical video of her dancing on the beach to the Lizzie MacGuire song.

She was also sporting the chain over her birthday, with the fine gold piece making an appearance in all the snaps the 24-year-old shared of the celebrations.

Bella Hadid in pink patterned bikini with body chain around waist latest trend bikini summer 2020
The model was barerly without the chain in the series of birthday celebration snaps she posted. Photo: Instagram/ bellahadid

With the duo some of the most influential young celebrities it seems sure this trend is going to take off this summer, with a 90’s throwback well and truly on-brand in a series of years that saw bucket hats, tiny sunglasses and scarf ops come screeching back into fashion.

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