Aussie bikini model leaves Instagram over hateful comments

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Aussie bikini model Ariella Nyssa has faced a string of negativity over her body-positive Instagram posts. Photo: Instagram/ariellanyssa

An Australian bikini model has decided to take a break from Instagram after receiving a wave of hateful comments following her candid posts on the social media platform.

Ariella Nyssa from Sydney shared some images of her ‘real’ body on Thursday, explaining she was sick of seeing retouched photos and nasty comments that only fuel more superficial and unrealistic standards of beauty.

“Let’s be real,” the Aussie wrote to her over 260k followers.

“I’ve had the worst f%*#ing day. Reading through the comments and dms you guys have sent me has honestly brought me to tears. WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE THIS.

“Why are brands trying to make us feel like crap if we don’t represent their ‘ideal’ interpretations of bodies. I actually cannot believe that this has gone on for so long and I’m so angry with myself for accepting this as the norm for years.”

Ariella explained she’d received some very harsh comments from complete strangers. One stated she’s “not hot enough to be a Victoria’s Secret angel”, while another stated “you have to have a modelling body to be a model”.

“Some of these comments are f*****g ridiculous and shows exactly how much impact the industry and social media has on our minds,” she told her followers.

Highlighting the importance for greater representation in the fashion industry, the model asked: “Shouldn’t we all feel beautiful enough to wear clothing from ALL brands”.

Hours later Ariella took to her Instagram stories to explain she was taking a social media hiatus after receiving more negative comments in response to that bold post.

“I am just in shock … I am taking a little break from Instagram this weekend,” she said.

“I need to get off it, de-stress and not think about it because it’s made me really angry and I am really obsessing over it.”

The model did attract plenty of support at the same time, with a string of positive comments left under her post.

“Really needed this today,” one follower wrote. “Thank you for being a constant inspiration and helping us realise we are not all one body shape, it’s okay to be different, unique and there’s more to life than losing weight and looking a certain way.”

Another penned: “Yes girl!! Keep fighting the good fight such an inspiration to me”.

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