Big W shoppers in hysterics over X-rated Christmas decorations

As Christmas comes into focus, shoppers have noticed stores starting to fill up with festive accessories, but one Big W customer was surprised to discover some rather X-rated decorations on display.

"New stock in my local Big W," she posted in a Christmas Facebook group alongside a picture of the lights.

Fellow members of the group were quick to pick up on the risqué shape of the lights in question.

The X-rated festive lights spotted at Big W
The festive lights from Big W were a little more X-rated than intended. Photo: Facebook

"Am I the only one that had to look twice?" one person commented while another added, "They look rude."

"That’d certainly get you into the Christmas spirit," a third person wrote.

"I have to say I am normally quite oblivious to items that appear different to what they are but... this is seriously ummm," another added.

The post quickly amassed over 500 likes and almost 250 comments.

It wasn't long before another amused hopper had posted the same lights.

"So um... tell me I'm not the only one that thinks these are really REALLY festive... I mean a bit HARD to miss yeah??" she wrote.

"I sometimes wonder how things get past the design stage without just one person saying it looks like a doodle," one shopper stated bluntly.

Before long, more members of the group were having a pun-tastic time on both posts.

Santa with naughty list in his hands
Can a dirty mind and a pun land you on Santa's naughty list? Photo: Getty Images

"I can't wait to erect these at my house!" one member wrote.

"These are re-dick-ulous!" quipped someone else.

"That's a bit stiff for lights," one fan added.

"Dingle all the way," commented another.

"Hubby asked if they come with a shlong cable?!" one woman joked.

The lights are no longer available on Big W's website but whether that's because they sold out or were pulled from sale, we're not sure. Maybe it was simply Big W trying to stay off Santa's naughty list?

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