Big Brother's Reggie Bird wows fans with throwback transformation

Big Brother two-time winner Reggie Bird has wowed fans on social media after sharing a throwback photo from 17 years ago.

Taking to Instagram this week, the 48-year-old posted a snap of herself looking barely recognisable from when she worked as a flight attendant following her first reality TV appearance.

Big Brother’s Reggie Bird.
Big Brother’s Reggie Bird wowed her followers with a throwback photo on social media. Photo: Channel Seven

Reggie is seen wearing a white blouse with a light blue skirt, necktie and headpiece as she hands a tray of food to a customer on the plane.

“Throwback to the year 2005 when I was working at Virgin Blue,” she captioned the post.

“Why was I wearing Chux wipes? Thanks to the lady who sent me this pic, she said was travelling to Tassie at the time.”


Virgin Blue, which was co-founded by British businessman Richard Branson in 2000, has since rebranded to Virgin Australia.

Reggie worked for the company following her Big Brother win from December 2004 to May 2005 and described the role as her “dream job”.

However, it’s been reported that she had to resign from the position because her celebrity status affected her ability to work.

Big Brother’s Reggie Bird in 2005.
‘Throwback to the year 2005 when I was working at Virgin Blue.’ Photo: Instagram/reggiebirdbb

'Bloody love you'

Shortly after Reggie shared the post on Instagram, a number of her followers took to the comments to praise her appearance and bubbly personality.

“You take such a beautiful pic Reggie,” one fan replied, followed by another who added, “Still got that beautiful smile”.

“You are so much fun Reggie, always smiling,” a third remarked, while someone else said, "And that's why we bloody love you”.

“Is that a party hat you have on your head?” a different user joked, with another laughing, “You look like the pope with that hat Reggie”.

One person also claimed to be the passenger in the photo, writing: “That's me and my son in the pic. We were coming back home to Tassie.”

Big Brother’s Reggie Bird with her children.
Reggie has slammed criticism that she only won this year’s season of Big Brother due to the ‘sympathy vote’. Photo: Channel Seven

Reggie slams ‘sympathy vote’ controversy

This comes after Reggie slammed criticism that she only won this year’s season of Big Brother due to the "sympathy vote”.

Reggie told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was proud of herself for winning, and was glad she was able to represent people with a disability on reality TV.

The ‘Aussie battler’ has a degenerate eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which has left her legally blind. She only has nine degrees of central pinhole vision and compares it to looking through a straw.

Some viewers tore the star down online, saying she "didn't deserve the win” and that she "played for the sympathy vote from the start”.

“I never once played the sympathy card in the house,” she told us. “I did all the challenges, gave it my all, never ever asked for Big Brother to change anything just because I’m going blind.”

She believes that her disability makes her a stronger person, and she was able to "battle it out" against her able-bodied housemates.

“Going in there, having a disability, it was unbelievable…I’m so proud of myself,” she finished.

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