Big Brother stars loved playing pranks in the house: 'Hilarious'

Big Brother stars reveal hilarious behind-the-scenes antics that often went way too far.

Video transcript

BRENTON PARKES: We used to love sneaking up on Reggie, or putting stuff in her bed. And she would get us back. She would put so much crap in our bed before we go to sleep. Like, we'd just-- we'd just pull pranks on each other and just have a good time.

With Reggie, we would just put like dirt, pot plants, we would put all-- like torches. We would put all sorts of stuff in her bed, and she would just scream. It was hilarious.

REGGIE BIRD: Oh, gosh, oh. Brenton and Johnson, they bloody would put these pot plants in my bed. And-- and-- oh, and then, yeah, they're playing tricks on me. And I'd go and get the pot plant back out again, and then the pot plant was back in.

And then I went to get it out again and they were in the bed. And as I pulled the sheets back, they jumped up at me and I'm like, ah! It scared the crap out of me.

Tim-- Tim used to scare me every single night without fail. He would crawl up next to my bed and go "boo" and just scare the crap out of me, because I can't see him coming. He won something in the shopping task, and put chili in the ice-- in the chocolate topping. And when I went to put it on their ice cream, it was hot. Burning their mouths was funny.

ALEISHA CAMPBELL: There was an ice cream tub, and Taras and I were starving one day. And this tub had just been sitting in the fridge-- freezer, for a week now. And we were all like, why isn't someone eating this ice cream? And they were saving it for a special night.

So Taras and I ran to the kitchen, stole it. Ran outside, smashed down his ice cream, put it back in the freezer. And everybody came in, like Estelle, Reggie, Tully were like, where's the ice cream? Who's ate it? What's going on here?

It was huge. Like, people would, like, dust with, like, fingerprints with flour, like trying to figure out who did it. Like, it was full on. They were psychos.

And even when we got out of the house, the group chat was going off. And the first question was, who ended up eating the ice cream? So it was a massive, massive play of just keeping secrets about eating this ice cream in the house.

BRENTON PARKES: I-- I put a massive water balloon in Taras' bed under his pillow. And I went and gave him a big hug and pushed him down. I popped it, soaked his whole mattress. So he had to sleep, I guess, in a puddle for two nights.

Reggie-- Reggie put a whole plate of old bacon and scrambled eggs and all this disgusting food under Johnson's pillow, and he slept all night with all this food under it. It was disgusting.