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When space allows, create a dedicated area in the garden for your fruit trees. Design it well and your mini-orchard will become a charming landscape feature. Using a pair of beds with a central path gives you easy access to all sides of your trees for picking fruit.

Gather your supplies
Tape measure; marking paint; shovel; mattock; landscape rake; turf cutter (optional); quality garden mix; decomposed granite; vibrating plate compactor

Here’s how
STEP 1 Mark out the pathway. It should be at least 1.1m wide. Then mark the beds on either side – allow at least 1m at the widest point. This will vary when you take into account the canopy width of the fruit trees you are planting so adjust layout accordingly.

STEP 2 Remove turf in the area of the beds and path. Use a mattock and spade, or if turf is to be re-used, a motorised turf-cutter. Once removed, mark out pathway again.

STEP 3 Mound the soil in the area of the garden beds. Add the decomposed granite along the pathway area. If you require a firmer path, order the decomposed granite with cement blended through. Use a landscape rake to bring the granite to level.

STEP 4 Lightly wet down the path area. Use a vibrating plate compactor to compact the pathway and your new orchard-walk is complete. Your new beds are now ready for planting.


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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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