Bethesda Has Early Elder Scrolls 6 Builds Up And Running


After years of barebones teasing and few updates, Bethesda has working, early playable builds of Elder Scrolls 6, and it turns out the RPG is actually pretty fun. You’d hope that might be the case, but considering Bethesda said it took roughly seven years for the team to think Starfield was fun, it’s nice to know the devs are having a better time with Elder Scrolls 6 already.

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The news comes from an Elder Scrolls anniversary tweet from the Bethesda account, where the studio also teased upcoming projects in the Elder Scrolls world, including Elder Scrolls Castles, a mobile game where you build – surprise! – castles.

“Last but not least, yes, we are in development on the next chapter -The Elder Scrolls 6,” Bethesda said in the post. “Even now, returning to Tamriel and playing early builds has us filled with the same joy, excitement, and promise of adventure.”

The little tidbit seemingly confirms Elder Scrolls 6 takes place in Tamriel, which is, perhaps, unsurprising. Most fans assumed Tamriel would from the very few teasers we’ve seen so far, and it’s where Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim took place as well.

Bethesda evidently doesn’t expect to launch Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon, though. Microsoft’s leaked court documents during its FTC hearings in 2023 suggested the studio has an internal date of 2028 or thereabouts – four years from now and 17 years after Skyrim launched. Ouch.

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