Bethenny Frankel Reveals Devastating Family Loss in Bluntly Raw Announcement

Bethenny Frankel

On Saturday, April 20, Bethenny Frankel revealed a devastating family loss.

The former Real Housewives of New York star took to Instagram to announce the death of her mother, Bernadette Birk, at 73.

"My mother has died of lung cancer," Frankel wrote alongside a carousel of photos featuring her mom. "She was complex, in pain, isolated and had demons. She was the most stunning woman you have ever seen, who left her abusive home as quickly as I ran from mine. I was born on her bday."

In a lengthy post, the former reality star painted a raw picture of the complex relationship with her mother. Frankel described Birk as "brilliant, funny, cultured and wise — yet suffered a lifelong eating disorder, alcoholism, abuse, smoking, and self destruction." Frankel also noted that she and her mom reconnected so her daughter, Bryn, "could know her."

"Despite not being equipped to be a mother, she loved me and I have beautiful memories of her," the bereaved daughter acknowledged. "...Goodbye mom, Bonnie, Bernadette. You did the best you could and you are free and at peace."

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In the comments, friends and followers reacted to the news of Frankel's mom's death.

Candace Owens commented, "Realest thing I’ve read on social media in a long while. Bless you ❤️"

Another Instagram user wrote, "This is a beautiful tribute to someone you loved, yet had a conflicting and complicated relationship with due to factors outside of your control. Sending you love and peace as you navigate her loss."

Meanwhile, someone else shared, "So very sorry Bethenny - these complicated relationships speak to so many of us - you captured it perfectly. 🙏"

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