The Best Time to Shop at Walmart, According to Employees

Avoid the crowds and get better deals.

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Shopping at Walmart can get busy and hectic quickly, especially at certain times and days. That’s why it’s wise to schedule a trip when your local store is generally less crowded and products are less picked through. The best times to visit Walmart will vary, but there is one day that comes up again and again on social media platforms, such as Quora.

The Best Day to Shop at Walmart

Both employees and shoppers on Quora agree that Sunday is typically the best day of the week to shop at Walmart, regardless of location. A larger variety of products, including toiletries, deli foods, and perishables, seem to be available at the end of the week, which means you can make the most of your trip and stock up. Of course, certain Sunday hours tend to be busier than others, so it’s best to plan accordingly.

Stores are generally busiest in the late morning and early afternoon, so it’s better to go in the evening after most customers have finished their weekend shopping. “It depends if you like to shop when it's crowded, or almost empty. Go early as soon as they open so it's less crowded. Go around 3 p.m. if you like crowds," said Quora user and former Walmart employee Armando Dy.

Customer Virender Singh agreed, writing in the same thread, “In many cases, the early evening hours on a Sunday (around 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM) can be less busy compared to the afternoon. The late evening hours, typically an hour or so before the store's closing time, can also be less crowded as many shoppers have already completed their shopping for the day."

When To Go to Walmart for the Best Deals and Discounts

However, depending on the items you’re looking for, you may make an exception for a deal. “The bakery should discount the day old bread around 10 a.m. Meat market should mark down the meat around 1 p.m. when it's near it's sell by date,” said Armando Dy.

If you need home supplies and bulk items, heading to the store early in the morning is also best. Quora user and Walmart employee E. Clayton Rowe advised, “If you are shopping for consumables like non-perishable food and toilet paper, it's best to be there as soon as the store opens.”

But if you’re looking for producrs that may require more assistance from staff, wait until the evening when more Walmart employees are on shift. “If you are shopping for board games or videos, your best bet is to wait for early evening, when more sales associates are scheduled to be on the floor,” E. Clayton Rowe said.

The employee also explained that shopping on Sunday can be advantageous for discounts on grocery items and perishables. “Perishable merchandise is often marked down as it approaches its expiration date,” the user revealed on Quora. “Deli sandwiches, take'n'bake pizza, and some other items have very short shelf lives. So items stocked on Thursday and Friday may expire on Monday or Tuesday, necessitating a quick sale on Sunday.”

Another thing to consider? Local events. Virender Singh shared this other helpful tip: "If there are any local events or activities happening in the area that might draw people away from shopping, the store might be less crowded during those times.”

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