The Best PSVR2 Games You Can Play Right Now

PlayStation VR2 Headset

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 was released last year with state-of-the-art technology that pushes immersion to new heights. The VR headset brings many upgrades over the original PS VR with games natively on the PS5. With a beautiful OLED screen and a jank-free set-up with just one cable, the PSVR2 is primed to become a leading platform for the medium in the future, especially with PC support coming soon.

Given that PSVR2 is not backward-compatible, finding new VR games for the platform can be tougher than it seems. Fret not, as we’ve gathered the best PS VR2 games on the market that showcase the headset and its Sense controllers’ capabilities better than anything else.

Here are the best PSVR2 games to try out if you just got your hands on the unit.

Horizon: Call of The Mountain



Translating Horizon’s beautiful environments into virtual reality seems like a tough task, but the developers at Guerrilla and Firewalk Studios make it look easy. Horizon: Call of The Mountain is perhaps the best demonstration of PS VR2’s hardware and software capabilities. Set during the events of Horizon: Zero Dawn, you play as a new hero, Ryas, as he embarks on a quest to find his brother. The game uses the sense controllers to make you climb mega-structures and shoot arrows into robot dinosaurs. Since the game is running on the PS5, graphical fidelity is pushed to new horizons (ha!), making it one of the best-looking VR games on the market right now.




Synapse is one of the coolest VR shooters out there with a slick monochrome art style. Taking cues from John Wick in its action, Synapse gives you powerful telekinetic abilities and a variety of guns to slice your enemies. It’s also one of the best showcases of PS VR2’s eye-tracking which allows you to throw enemies at destructible environments with ease.

Box To The Beat VR

Yeah, Beat Saber is cool, but Box to The Beat VR makes it even more challenging. It takes the underlying concept in Beat Saber and adds a unique twist - boxing. Using haptic feedback on the Sense controllers to simulate the feeling of punching blocks, the game doubles as a really cool workout. Box to The Beat VR includes many different game modes and a multiplayer leaderboard that will keep pushing you to move that body.

Gran Turismo 7 VR

<p>Polyphony Digital</p>

Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo 7 VR uses the PS VR2’s HDR display to transport you into the driver’s POV. The game’s UI elements are perfectly mapped on the car’s dashboard, and the 3D audio creates an accurate soundscape of you racing at breakneck speeds on world-famous tracks.

Resident Evil 4 VR



Resident Evil’s foray into virtual reality has been wildly successful, with RE7 being one of the original PS VR launch titles. Resident Evil 4’s VR mode honors that tradition by keeping the fun factor of the new remake and putting you in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy. It translates most of the gameplay mechanics from the base game to VR pretty well, with plenty of accessibility options to make the adventure easier to digest. Plus, given that it’s a free mode you really can’t go wrong with it once you’ve got your hands on the PS VR2.

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

It’s marketed as a “VR experience” rather than a full game, and it was originally available on the Meta Quest devices, but the increased fidelity on the PS VR2 version makes it one of the most immersive Star Wars experiences out there. Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge will have you walking around realistic environments on the planet of Batuu, wielding blasters that are straight out of the movies. The game uses the Sense controllers well with haptic feedback and tracking that really put pressure on you during fights with stormtroopers.

Tetris Effect: Connected

<p>Enhance Games</p>

Enhance Games

The original Tetris Effect is still one of the most immersive games even without the VR component. Playing the game with PS VR2 gets you fully immersed in the zone, with nothing but a beautiful void around you as you control the falling blocks to the beat of the music. The headset’s HDR display is a perfect match for Tetris Effect, making colors pop out of the screen in a way you’ve never seen before.


<p>Enhance Games</p>

Enhance Games

Another game from the same developers who made the incredible Tetris Effect, Humanity’s VR mode will have you carefully examining its impressive puzzle arenas from a God’s eye point-of-view. In it, you play as a Shiba Inu guiding crowds to…heaven? Something like that. It’s a cool mix of absurdity and genus-level design and the VR mode is a sly extension of the game’s themes, which needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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