'Beyond tacky': Fan uncovers Ben Affleck's private Instagram

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It seems even the celebrities among us like a good anonymous mosey through the internet from time to time, or so the recent discovery of a bizarre online persona seeming to belong to a major Hollywood star would suggest.

Actor Ben Affleck may be revising his cybersecurity after a journalist claims to have uncovered a secret Instagram account belonging to the star, with a number of terribly obvious clues exposing his true identity.

Ben Affleck's secret online persona has been exposed. Photo: Getty Images

Verizon Media journalist Kelsey Weekman took to Twitter this morning with a screengrab of private Instagram account ‘positive attitude hunting’ which she compellingly claims belongs to the Batman star.

First of all, there is the name. ‘Positive attitude hunting’ seems to be a reimagining of Good Will Hunting, the blockbuster debut film written by Affleck and longtime friend Matt Damon that propelled the pair into the spotlight with an Oscar win back in 1997.

Photo: Twitter/kelsaywhat

In more evidence, the account is followed by only three people, one is Jennifer Garner Ben’s ex-wife and mother to his three children, and Anna de Armas, the star’s girlfriend.

Finally the photo of the account is a snap of Affleck being kissed by Anna, while the bio section is a massive ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ reference to his celebrity persona.

The name seems to be a cheeky nod to his Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting. Photo: Getty Images

“Just a dad who sometimes makes movies,” he wrote.

Kelsey shared the story to Twitter where she explained how her sleuthing uncovered the page hiding in our midst.

“I was checking to see if he and Ana De Armas follow each other on Instagram and I found a suspicious account she's following under the name "ben" and there's just... no way this isn't him,” she wrote.

The news blew up with thousands commenting their astonishment, mainly at the very dad-joke name that has now been exposed for global scrutiny.

Many just took the opportunity to applaud some serious internet sleuthing.

One thing is for sure, Ben may be left hunting hard for that positive attitude when he realises his private online presence has been compromised.

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